Warn mixed material roof

Thousands of roofs are repaired or replaced every year.  Seeing that your roof is key in keeping you warm as well as dry all year round obtaining the best roofing services is the first step to obtaining a good, comfortable home.

Depending on the area you live in, there could be hundreds if not thousands of roofing services you can choose from, so doing your homework is important to avoid these five common roofing mistakes.

* Always Vet the Company

You may choose a roofing contractor based on a recommendation of family, friends or neighbors. You may go though a big box store – Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears or even go online. There are in fact many ways to find a roofer.

But regardless of how you find the company you’ll go with, an important first step is to obtain these following key bits of information:

  • Permanent address of the business
  • Phone numbers
  • License Number and/or Tax ID
  • Proof of liability and workers’ comp insurance

Doing so will help you make sure the company is legitimate and allow you to avoid scams and rip-offs. Do your research and don’t go straight for the lowest bid, it could cost you twice as much later.

* Always Communicate Clearly & Get It in Writing

This brings us to the second costly roofing mistake that you and your roofer can only solve together – miscommunication. Roofing jargon is almost a language of its own. For this reason, it is best to get everything in writing, a complete itemized list of work, down to the last nail.

Do not sign for any work without reading your contract, having the roofing itemized in full. If you do not understand something – ask and have it explained. Any roofing contractor worth their salt will be happy to answer reasonable questions. Make sure that the roofer has a copy and understands the work to be done.

* Don’t Choose to Cut Corners

Third, do not cut corners by having a roofing repair job done instead of a roof replacement. Don’t reuse metal elements. Always replace wood sheathing when needed. Never skip underlayment just to save money. Any of these could cost you big money later. Cutting corners can lead to low quality roofing that may result in damage not only to the exterior of your home but also throughout its interior.

* Don’t Make Rushed Decisions

Costly mistakes can be made when you make hasty decisions. Roofing is a major investment into the value of your house and as with any investment all angles must be evaluated. Make sure all roofing materials used are exactly what are needed and that the roofer will properly install them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t rush your roofer and do not let them rush you (even if the situation feels like an emergency).

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* Ensure that Your Roof Is Properly Vented

Improper venting of your roof can affect your energy cost each year by letting heat escape in the winter and trapping it in the summer. Moisture build up can also be the result of improper venting and can cause mold and algae growth throughout your home’s structure. Proper roofing ventilation can extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long run. It’s worth the time it takes to make sure that your roofer is doing a good job.

Most shingles should last 20 years but you could see deteriorating at about fifteen years. Point to remember – the higher quality your roofing is upfront, the fewer problems you will experience later on. It is often worth hiring a more expensive roofing company.


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Bob Anderson who writes for the Phoenix Roofing Team based out of Phoenix, Arizona. For more tips on hiring a roofing company, see these from the Better Business Bureau – Tips on Hiring Roofing Contractors. Cheers. ~jb

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