Small House Small YardLimited outdoor space doesn’t have to limit your outdoor enjoyment. With a little planning and some creative small-backyard landscaping ideas, you can transform your space into a relaxing, functional oasis that pleases the senses.

Make the most of your space with these six small yard landscaping ideas.

Strategic Small-Yard Landscaping

1. Plan for Every Inch

When you’re creating a small-yard landscaping design, it’s important to make the most of all available space. Before you begin, think about how you want your outdoor area to be used.

Do you …

  • Plan to entertain?
  • Need a play area for children or pets?
  • Want a quiet escape for lounging or intimate meals?

Planning ahead will help you get the most use and enjoyment out of your small yard.

2. Play the Right Angle

Emphasize the longest dimension of your yard to make it feel larger. If you’re creating an outdoor living or dining area, orient seating to provide the most expansive view of your yard.

3. Be a Minimalist

Bulky furniture will crowd an already-small space. Choose pieces that are comfortable yet compact to make your living area feel more spacious. Tuck away extra chairs for entertaining, so they don’t take up space when you don’t need them. Also go for a simple color scheme. Like having too much furniture, using too many colors and patterns can make your space feel cluttered.

4. Plant Strategically

When you’re selecting greenery for a small-yard landscaping design, it’s important to choose varieties that won’t overwhelm the tight space. Make sure you know a plant’s mature size before you add it to your landscape. Miniature species, such as dwarf conifers, can work well in a small yard. Taking advantage of vertical space can also enhance your small-yard landscaping design. Add wall planters, install planting boxes on rear-facing windows or drape walls with vines or climbing roses.

green grass closeup in checker pattern5. Keep it Green

Proper maintenance is essential to making the most of a small backyard. Using high-quality lawn mower parts and keeping your lawn mower blades sharp will help you keep your
limited green space looking its best.

Editor’s Note: For many more lawn care tips, see our popular category – Lawn. For more on keeping your lawn mower tip top, see this Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips, developed with John Deere.

6. Stay Open

Shelter can make your outdoor space more versatile – allowing you to comfortably enjoy it in rain or sunshine. However, it’s important to keep your small-yard landscaping design as open as possible. To balance these two priorities, shelter a portion of your outdoor living area, and leave the rest uncovered. Unlimited vertical space and clear views of the sky will make your small yard feel bigger.


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