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Autumn Leaves via My Soulful Home

Fall Leaf Removal :: Options for Lawn & Garden Care

But wait, "remove leaves" - and maybe that phrase is just a tab bit ... misleading. I mean - I don't know about you, but when I hear "remove leaves" I think - rake 'em up, bag 'em up and sit 'em out on the curb. But wait, this is certainly not the only option. [Click to Read More]
holiday decorations outside window looking in

A Safe and Happy Holiday :: Last Minute Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe this Christmas Day

The holidays are in full swing and celebrations are underway. Many people have completed all of their seasonal decorating and are moving on to hosting parties and inviting guests into their home. It is the time of year meant for spending time with loved ones and enjoying all of the glitz and glam associated with the season. But it is also a time of year rife with electrical hazards, house fires, and other dangers that no one wants to or should have to face. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent bad situations from happening - always keep safety in mind this holiday. [...]

How to Style a Bookcase Like a Pro

If there’s one piece of furniture with endless style potential, it’s bookshelves. These spaces are often used for function only, but you can style bookshelves so they display your personality through meaningful objects and unique knick-knacks in addition to your reading collection. [...]
Halloween Decorating :: Slasher Bathroom Shower Curtain

A Haunted House :: Last Minute DIY Guide for Halloween Decorating

if you’re not careful, those trick-or-treaters will stick up their noses at your lackluster decorations. Gasp! What a spooky fate. But not to worry – there’s hope for you yet. With a good hunt around your closet and that languishing basement, there are plenty of zippy ways to DIY your Halloween decorations without taking too many trips to the store. Here are our top five ideas to last-minute spooky decorating. [...]
Giraffe Family Kids Wall Decals

Kids Room Decorating with Wall Decals

There are so many different, interesting and unique ways that you can use wall stickers and decals. While you can order stickers and decals that are pre-designed, it can often be difficult to find the perfect design for your space. [...]
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