Note from the host:  I gotta tell ya, I’ve gotten to the point where I read (OK, at least skim) all the press releases I receive.  This is especially true for the communications I receive from this firm . . . especially around this time of year.  Last year we did Holiday Window Decorating Do’s and Don’t’s.  So this year let’s take a look instead at the curb appealing welcome of a front door, a post courtesy of Therma-Tru Doors.  Oh and if you have some pins or some pic(k)s, please comment or send our way.  Thanks and enjoy these tips on front door decorating for the holidays! ~jb


Homeowners can help their families and guests get in the holiday spirit right at the front door. Since many people view their entryway as a sign of the quality of their home, and the holidays are the ideal time to show it off.  A festive holiday entry can be the home’s focal point and serve as a first impression for both its interior and exterior.

Door Decorating For Christmas image via interiorking.comExperts at Therma-Tru® Corp. offer tips for creating a warm and inviting entryway during the holidays:

Hanging Seasonal Decorations:

  • Consider a twig wreath adorned with greens, gourds or berries
  • Design a heart-shaped wreath with miniature pine cones and dye them a brilliant shade of red
  • Mount an evergreen wreath or swag with glass ornaments or silver bells
  • Create a wreath with magnolia leaves and fresh fruit such as pears, apples and pomegranates
  • If you have a rustic style home, consider adding antlers, a cowboy hat or rope to your wreath
  • For a coastal home, consider a wreath of woven sea grass with sea shells or a brightly painted life preserver with lights and decorative glass floats
  • If your door doesn’t merit all the attention, consider wrapping it in bright paper with a large bow or framing it in lights
  • Hang a set of sleigh bells on the door knob, which will give a festive jingle every time guests pass through

Accessorizing Your Doorway:

  • Frame your entryway with a garland and lights – add bows or pine cones for more decorative detail
  • Place pots or urns planted with seasonal greenery, poinsettias and lights on either side of the doorway
  • Put out a welcome mat designed with holiday accents
  • Add new brass or nickel accents such as a kick plate, porch lights and a door knocker to dress up your door
  • Hang matching wreaths in all of the windows

Painting Your Door:

  • If it’s not yet too cold to paint outdoors, brighten up your door with a fresh coat of red paint or a strong color that provides contrast to your current color scheme. Made especially to accept paint, Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® Canvas Collectionentry doors feature a smooth surface that’s ideal for adding custom color to the home.

Some Additional Do’s & Dont’s:

When decorating, be careful to protect your door.  Avoid putting a nail in the face of the door, as this can lead to damage in the future and/or could void your door warranty from the original manufacturer.  Instead, use a door hanger to hang the wreath from the door knocker, or place a tack on the top of the door frame and use clear fishing line to hang the wreath.


In addition to these simple design tips, you may also want to consider taking advantage of this opportunity to update your entryway with a new, energy-efficient door. Fiberglass continues to grow in popularity with homeowners because the doors are easy to maintain and will withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather elements such as strong winds, high-humidity and frequent rain. To read more about exterior and entry doors, please see our category – Exterior Doors. ~jb