small circlular mirror black with gold piping

Wall Mirrors are your best friend. Mickey Rourke’s best friend is a shroud over the mirror.  But you, my friend, will find that mirrors are freaking awesome. Awesome like seeing Luke Perry naked in that episode of “Oz” when he was going to church. They are a fantastic investment, and you can usually pick them up cheap like a hooker off of Craigslist or at a thrift store.


* Decorating Problem: Dark Rooms

My jail cell room is so dark!

Solution: When you add mirrors to your space, you will be able to reflect light and double the amount of light in your room. With adding a mirror to your space the reflection of your lamp and its light will double your lighting investment automatically.

* Decorating Problem: Tiny Rooms

My room is like Jon Gosselin’s manhood — tiny!

Solution: Consider flanking opposite facing walls with mirrors. The mirrors will act to enlarge your space and will infinitely reflect the mirror directly across it.

* Decorating Problem: No Natural Light

My jail cell space doesn’t have enough windows.

mirror in dining room doubles the view from the window and reflects setting

Solution: If you would like people to think you got windows coming out of your butt, hang a group of mirrors on the wall to mimic windows.  Add drapery panels between the mirrors.

* Decorating Problem: Easy Update for Trouble Furniture Pieces

My console table has seen better days. Should I give it to the methhead down the street toss it?

Solution: You might consider keeping it. Really! You can then get a glass shop to custom cut a mirror to place upon your “new find.”  It will spruce the table up immediately, and you can place some glass votives on top. You just found a new place to make love to reflect light into your space!

* Decorating Problem: Lack of Focal Points

I need a focal point for my room.

Solution: If your room is missing a focal point, a mirror can do the trick. Find a mirror with gold veining with an interesting or beautiful frame that is large enough to make an impact on your wall. Flank it with sconces and you have just created a focal point!

* Decorating Problem: Imperfections in Wall Surfaces

My roommate is doing crack wall has an unsightly crack and my in-laws the lovely guests will be here soon!

Solution: If you have a crack, blemish or other flaw on your wall, consider hanging a mirror over it to hide your room’s imperfection.

* Decorating Problem: Wanna Show Off My View

I have a lovely view, but only half of my dinner guests can enjoy it. Without playing musical chairs, how can everyone enjoy the view?

Solution: Double your pleasure. Place a mirror directly across from your wonderful view and now it can be appreciated doubly.


Notes from the hosts: If you room is missing “something”, buy a mirror.  With so many uses and in so many styles (… they even come as TVs) — if it doesn’t do the trick in that room, it will work magic somewhere else!

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