As a parent, you no doubt recognize how unique your child is. And you cherish those individual traits that make your child who they are. When decorating a child’s room, you may want to create a space that reflects the individual spirit, interests and personality that make your child so amazing. The desire to customize a room is not unique, but how you go about doing it can make a difference in the results you achieve for the space. There are so many options available to consider, from creative use of paint and choosing the right artwork for the space.

Many people, however, are now taking a closer look at wall stickers and decals for kids’ rooms.

Elephant Kids Wall Decal Room with Car Rug & Blue Chair

A Closer Look a Wall Decals

You can purchase nursery wall stickers for infants as well as wall stickers for toddlers, older kids and even teens rooms. These are available in so many different styles, colors, themes and sizes. They are ideal for nursery decor as well as the decor in kid’s rooms of all ages and interests. They are typically made of vinyl, and have a unique adhesive allowing them to stick easily to your wall. Yet when you pull them off, they easily come off without damaging the wall. Different effects are created with strategic patterns or random placements throughout a room.

Birdcage Kids Wall Decal

Plane Balloon Kids Wall Decals with Crib

Truly Customized Space

There are hundreds of different decal options available for you to use in your child’s room decor. You may find a great decal that is already designed, and you simply have to place an order for that decal to be shipped to you. However, another option to consider is to customize your wall stickers. Some companies allow you to design your own wall stickers. These can be specially made in a variety of styles, sizes, themes and colors. If you want to create a room for your child that you are sure nobody else has, creating custom wall stickers is a great option.

Giraffe Family Kids Wall Decals

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Custom wall stickers can help you to turn a room into anything you want it to be. You can order a single wall sticker that serves as the decorative focal point of the room. You can also use the stickers to create smaller points of interest, and this can add an element of creativity to the space. Another option to consider is using the wall stickers to create a pattern, border or something similar in the room. Some people will use stickers to create a baby’s name to hang on a wall or a special inscription or quote that has meaning to them. These are often combined with graphics that enhance the message. Another creative idea is to make the room tell a story through graphics. Graphics can be ordered to depict different scenes, and these scenes can be spread throughout the room.

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Simple Clouds Kids Wall Decal with Crib


There are so many different, interesting and unique ways that you can use wall stickers and decals. While you can order stickers and decals that are pre-designed, it can often be difficult to find the perfect design for your space. If you have a vision for your child’s room, you don’t want to order decals that only correspond with the theme of the room. Instead, you want to create your own wall decals and stickers that really complete the space and take it to the next level.


Note from the hosts

While I regularly reject posts that originate outside of North America, I just couldn’t resist.  Since I recently decorated my child’s room, I was pretty impressed with some of the cute options that Matt presented.  Thanks out for the contribution; our first from Australia.

Matt Milstead is a blog writer from Australia. He writes for several blogs about home, flooring, room design, etc. He especially likes to write about decoration of nursery rooms. For more from us on remodeling for young ones, please see our category – Remodeling with Kids. Cheers. ~jb

All images by 41orchard.com via Matt Milstead.