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Optimizing your closet storage is a major task in maximizing your closet space.  Just think about what you would accomplish if you didn’t spend your time searching through your clutter. The standard walk-in closet ranges from 5 to 8 feet in width and from 5 to 6 feet in length with about 3 feet of walking space.  Here are a few creative and stylish solutions to help you organize and better maintain your important storage items in your walk-in closet.

The Multipurpose Walk-in Closet

Create more storage space by figuring out what your closet means to you.  Do you use it just for storing your clothes, or do you throw various everyday items into your closet and close the door?  If it functions as a hiding place for miscellaneous objects, and helps to keep your bedroom looking neat, storage space is essential.  Select organizational methods that suit you and your daily routine.

  • Division:

Divide your closet into horizontal and vertical sections. This will help you distinguish what is the most important objects in your closet, and will help you decide what to store and where to place it.

As pictured in the photo gallery, here are a few simple ideas for between Closet Organization & Division.

  • Tie & Belt Organization
  • Think Vertical (Look at Walls. What can be Hung?)
  • Add a Furniture Piece
  • Utilize Outside Walls
  • Labeled Storage:

Storage cubes can help determine what each section in your closet represents.  Labeling these cubes can help remind you where to return items that you have used in the past, minimizing your time looking for lost items.


Closet Organization Tips

Cleaning and clearing out your closet helps determine what methods you’ll need to help utilize your closet storage space.  There are cleaning services that can help in reducing the clutter and help clean up your space, creating a fully functional, multipurpose walk-in closet.

  • Look beyond the built-in space to expose an unused corner and put it to work.

    • Add wall shelves with adjustable or extendable rods to speed up your morning routine.
    • Be aware of unused wall space surrounding the closet door.  Don’t be afraid to mount hooks for hanging shoes, scarves, or belts.
    • Adapt with available products to meet your needs.
      • Repurpose old vintage boxes to use as storage to display character and decorative style while creating more closet storage.
      • If you have high space in your closet, use adjustable shelves to store your less frequently used items.
      • Maximizing vertical spaces with varying hanger rods creates closet storage for clothes hanging at different heights.
      • If you have large drawers, take advantage of them by dividing it into smaller sections to maximize your storage space and maintain organization.
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These are only a few easy-to-organize closet ideas to create more storage.  Give yourself the peace of mind by cleaning out the clutter and maximizing on your freedom.


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