Remember when a closet was just a rod, a shelf and maybe three or four feet wide?  Today, closets have evolved into rooms, some are even large enough for entertaining.  (Yeah! Like I want to hold a party in my closet.  Spill some wine on the sacred wardrobe and you’re outta here!)

Mariah Carey's Closet

Mariah Carey’s closet photographed by Scott Frances via Architectural Digest

Gargantuan closets would have made more sense in the 1800’s when women were actually twirling around in ballgowns.  But back to the rest of us here today, our closets have needs that can be addressed without a 10′ x 14′ addition.

Here are some clever ideas for achieving the ultimate organized closet.

* Shoe Shelves

The slanted ones are just not efficient, fine for retail but not home use. Plain, straight, adjustable shelves, just like bookshelves will work wonders for organizing shoes whether you prefer to keep them in boxes or not.

Shoe Organizer with Colorful Shoes


* Lighting

Most closets will benefit from lighting, but not a window unless faded clothing is a goal.  Add a luxurious touch to a standard sized closet with LED clothing rods.

Lighting Rod from the Lighting Shop

Who want’s to get to work only to realize they put on navy pants with a black blazer.  This is not what Mademoiselle Chanel meant when she suggested it was okay to pair black and navy.


* Wardrobe Systems

Popular in Europe where (can you even imagine) bedrooms don’t always come with a closet, wardrobe systems can figure as a sizable and stylish solution.  A wardrobe system is often installed at the end of a room, provides the perfect dressing area feel of a spacious walk-in closet.

Wardrobe System from Snaidero

Snaidero offers a number of very stylish wardrobe systems with plenty of customizable options.


Ikea ELGA Bedroom StorageIf DIY is more your taste and patience is not one of your virtues, the high style look is a quick and affordable option from IKEA. For under $500 and in less than a couple of hours this ELGA system can be working closet magic.


Regardless of size the right amenities can give you the ultimate closet for your particular needs and space.  If you have an extra bedroom, the kids have moved on (or need to), here is a great example of a walk-in closet built from non-closet items readily available at IKEAGreat closets can be built within any budget.


Shout out to designer Lisa Smith aka The Decor Girl, a regular contributor. We too are fans of IKEA. We covered enters at our local IKEA, here. Here’s a nice article from This Old House on Closet Design Principles, if you wanted to learn more. Building Moxie, too, has covered closet design several times. To see more articles, refer to our Closet category. ~jb