boutiqe closet via Mrs Hines ClassHollywood films never disappoint when it comes to drop-dead gorgeous bedrooms closets. Just rent Princess Diaries 2 or Clueless and watch as Anne Hathaway and Alicia Silverstone shop their impeccably styled and painstakingly organized boudoirs.

It’s scenes like these that I never forget, for they place an indelible mark on my girly soul. Complete with backlighting, mahogany shelving, chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling shoe walls, these closets are enough to make any lady’s heart swoon.

Unfortunately (and I bet like many of you), my household doesn’t have the cash or the square footage to make such a space reality. But that doesn’t mean we give up. We improvise! So here are five tips to make any closet film worthy.

Play. Before you go running out to buy new hangers or organizers, take some time and play around with what you already have at home. Peruse other nooks and crannies to discover items you can use to give your closet star character. This seems really simple but many people skip this step. DON’T skip it! Move things around. Sort. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. I often find I can accomplish a lot with what I already have if I just play around for a while. (Tip: Spray paint can become your best friend here!)

Nail Polish Organization via DIY Show OffThink Boutique. Have a favorite boutique where you love to shop? More than likely it’s not just the clothes that make you happy while being there—it’s also the ambiance. So take notice the next time you’re there and make mental notes of the elements you like. Bring them home and apply.

Source Items from Unexpected Places. When we think “closet redo,” the first thought may be to head to the big chain stores. Instead, seek out suppliers that boutiques use for their store displays (like Robert H. Ham). You can often find interesting pieces that haven’t been used to death, and at great prices. Pick up dress forms, acrylic countertop displays, or other cute ideas to show off your stuff like the pros!

Creating More Closet Storage :: The Multipurpose Walk-In Closet

Uniformity. If your closet is like mine, you’ve got tons of competing items, both in terms of length, pattern, color, fabrics, and so on. This can make any space chaotic. Because of this, I like to keep all other items uniform. Hangers, color palette, and décor accessories shouldn’t create more noise in your closet. Sticking to a set theme or similar shades will make your closet space more Zen-like and make shopping your closet more relaxing. And although it’s not exactly sexy, shop local dollar stores for cheap ways to organize—usually it’s things used in unexpected ways that add the most charm!

Add whimsy. C’mon ladies, this is your space! Don’t let it down! Even if your closet is a small cubby (like mine!) or a full walk-in, add personal touches that will make you smile when you slide or open those doors. Paint just the closet space a new color, lean an impossibly cute print against the wall, or display those gorgeous shoes you bought even though they secretly hurt your feet. Don’t get lazy! Make shopping your closet as opulent as any boutique and you’ll love, not loath, getting dressed.

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Jewelry Tree via DIY Show Off

boutique closet jewelry neck form via Mrs. Hines Class

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Andrea Cole is a self-proclaimed girly-girl and serial DIY’er. She runs a lifestyle blog called Eagle Rowe and a metalwork jewelry shop by the same name on Etsy. A big fan of the outdoors, she’s also a triathlete and aspiring marathon runner. Andrea loves swimming, creating things with her hands, and wearing 4” heels, but she prefers not to do any of them together.

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