open modern kitchenKitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to add value to your property. It’s also a great way of embracing the change in today’s society which sees kitchens serving a variety of purposes.  That’s right, it’s not just about cooking and eating anymore.

If you’ve been putting off making changes to your kitchen then you might be interested to know what the biggest kitchen trends are of this decade.

1. Open Plan Layouts

Creating a wide open plan floor space for your kitchen cabinets is still predicted to be a trend as kitchens meet the growing demand for a combined living/dining experience. This may involve knocking down walls or perhaps adding on an extension to your property. Kitchens are fast becoming areas where we like to entertain our friends and meet up with extended family. Some of us even like to use the area as a work from home office/kids homework space.

To keep this open plan area looking inviting it’s vital to keep countertop areas free of clutter so try and utilize some clever storage ideas into your kitchen. Pantry cabinets are extremely useful and make maximum use of your space from the floor to the ceiling. Use the top of the cabinet to stack away items that you don’t use too often and the lower half for ingredients which you use on a regular basis. Islands are another great idea since you can position kitchen cabinets beneath the counter and use the top for food prep and casual dining.

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2. Energy Efficient

Consumers are also embracing appliances which reduce the consumption of energy whilst increasing the overall efficiency and functionality of the kitchen. When purchasing new appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, or even TVs select those which are Energy Star qualified. You’ll be amazed at the savings you make on your bills.

Four Things to Consider When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

3. Sustainable Materials

Various combinations of wood, glass and ceramic are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. Not only visually stunning with a natural look, but also are extremely durable. If you’re over white kitchen cabinets then why not take a look at bamboo cabinets which are unique. Bamboo grows really quickly and is a great alternative to wood, particularly if you’re passionate about going green in the kitchen. Glass backsplashes are another popular choice for kitchens and with many different colors. They’re an affordable way of jazzing up a kitchen.

open modern kitchen with peninsula

4. Buying wholesale

When you look to buy cabinets online you’ll find many stores selling cabinetry at unbeatable prices. This is because they buy kitchen cabinets wholesale cutting out the middleman. They are then able to pass down these savings in the form of discount kitchen cabinets. But be warned, it’s easy to get swept away by price but before placing any order, check out your cabinets very carefully. Naturally the first things you see are the exteriors which appear to be just what you are looking for in design and color, but there are far more important factors to consider.

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* Buy with Quality in Mind

When looking at any kitchen cabinet you need to know what the case is made from. Many companies advertise their cabinets as being solid wood, but in reality the only wood is in the doors. A quality kitchen cabinet should have a case or box frame which is made from plywood and solid wood as this is durable and can withstand high temperatures and moisture without sagging or falling apart.

Many companies, including the large box stores, use fiberboard or MDF in their cabinet cases. This is a recipe for disaster, since these cabinets will not last long. When buying kitchen cabinets online you also need to pay careful attention to the specification. There are companies out there selling cabinetry with a high specification not dissimilar to that of KraftMaid and that includes such things as dove tail joints, soft closure and concealed hinging. Specifications such as these are what set apart a quality cabinet from a cheap cabinet.

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