When designing a kitchen, choosing cabinetry is a pivotal decision. Much of the style and feel of the kitchen depends on the cabinets. Color, wood type, detail and finish of the cabinets are all important, as are the sizes and shapes.

However, there are four primary cabinet features that will make or break a kitchen design. If you do these four things well, when buying kitchen cabinets, you’ll have a kitchen that both looks great and has a great resale value. If you miss the mark on any of these items, even the most expensive kitchen design may fail to please.

light and white contemporary kitchen quality cabinets and symmetry

Consider These Four Cabinet Features

* Quality

The quality of the cabinets will shine through in any kitchen, regardless of the style. If you must choose between a higher number of cabinets and a higher quality cabinet, choose fewer cabinets of higher quality.

Avoid modular cabinets that don’t fit well into the space in your home. Choose dove tail joints, high quality runners and hinges, soft-close doors and custom or semi-custom cabinets when needed for the perfect fit. Note: Many times you can order high quality wood cabinets online for a price that fits your budget and still gives you the number of cabinets you want.


Create a visually-pleasing kitchen with a simple, symmetrical design. Use matching drawer widths, and if you have sets of drawers, make sure to put the same number of drawers in each set. Keep a consistency in the cabinet design around the room.

design for light and multifunctional spaces

* Light and Bright

Keep the cabinetry and kitchen design light and bright. Many people do like white cabinets, but you can design a bright kitchen regardless of the cabinet shade. Consider having natural light in the kitchen with windows and skylights. For a more open feel, avoid putting cabinets over the center island or a kitchen bar so you can keep the space open in the room.

* Design Kitchen for Multitasking

Make your kitchen design versatile and open, ready to host multiple family activities. Create a center island with cabinets, providing counter space for preparing food, doing homework, rolling out cookies and hosting a buffet. Great cabinets offer extra storage underneath the island. Consider a desk on one wall where you can do family or work bookkeeping and/or computing while still being part of the family flow.

Arrange cabinets to provide wide traffic pathways and connections to the other living areas in the home.

consider an island, a peninsula or a desk when buying kitchen cabinets

Great kitchen cabinets are key to a beautiful, livable kitchen space. Create an appealing kitchen for your home by using quality cabinets arranged symmetrically. Consider an open layout that provides a versatile work and socializing space.


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