Installing a Headheld Showerhead

The idea of adding a handheld showerhead may seem like a luxury to some. Something reserved for a master bath, not necessarily a secondary, hall or kids bath.  Well, that’s exactly “the rule” that I broke with this post. I added a Brizo Hydrati 2-in-1 Hand Shower to my girls’ bath.

I mean – as I thought about it, it actually felt like the right thing to do. As they (my daughters) are getting older, 8 and 10 now, and now that they have almost completely transitioned off of taking a bath, their tub/shower actually seemed like the ideal location to install mine.

In the video at the bottom of the post, I cover installing a handheld showerhead:

Gathering Tools & Supplies + the Basic Steps:

1) Remove the Existing Showerhead – :52
2) Adding Teflon Tape – 1:27
3) Hand Tighten Showerhead – 2:12
(With a Preassemble Showerhead)
4) Install Hand Shower (Hose) – 2:48
5) Tighten Showerhead & Test – 3:30


First, there is the layout of a tub/shower faucet, where the spigot and the controls are below, at the tub, with only the showerhead exiting from the wall above (78″-82″ high usually). I thought too, though, of the practical convenience of grabbing a wand for rinsing their hair or shaving their legs, when they get there – smart.  The multiple settings and streams of water, plus this showerhead’s water conserving nature, for me – they were just added bonuses.


I had posted bits about the updates in the girls’ bath when we did them a few years back. First, their (my little princessitects) participation in “designing” the room, as well as my (now slightly ironic and actually pretty mild) insistence that we replace Standard fixtures (as in before the “American” was added) with American Standard.

I also went to New York City – Fashion Week. A little later to Memphis (for a factory tour). On both of those occasions, I was a guest of Brizo Faucets. At the end of both of these trips, Brizo gave me a gift – one of their products to try. (And I guess there is your formal disclosure for this post.)

My gift from the Fashion Week event – a Talo kitchen faucet, which I promptly re-gifted. I gave it to my mom, Mama Moxie, and she in turn used it in her recent kitchen renovation. (yeah, I know, good son … ;~))

Note: Explore Brizo’s offerings on Amazon, here.

Brizo Hydrati Chrome

Anyways … this time, I got to select a Hydrati in the finish I wanted, and I selected Chrome. The Brizo Hydrati was going into my daughters’ bath and while it was an upgrade in that room, it in no way represented dissatisfaction with the American Standard product (noteworthy too: AmStand is another past sponsor of this site).


Installing a Handheld Showerhead (Brizo Hydrati)

Installing, swapping out or even replacing a showerhead is really not that hard of a project. In fact, it is something I’d encourage every homeowner to learn how to do.

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Installing a Handheld Showerhead

When dealing with a handheld showerhead, it’s really no different than a standard showerhead – just the added steps of connecting the secondary hand shower via a hose.

The only tool you’ll need is (1) 7″ or 8″ adjustable wrench; the only supply – teflon aka plumber’s tape.

Editor’s Note: The Adjustable Wrench made my list of the Ten Essential Tools for Homeowners. See them all, there.

For me, it was a great little project to make a video of, and it effectively in essence marks the launch of an “official” Building Moxie YouTube Channel. Some I hoped to do in 2014 and I’d really, really LOVE for you to come and visit and to subscribe. (Did I say, “really”? … check.)

The video itself, below – I feel gives you all the basic steps you’d need for installing a showerhead. From how to tighten it down to how to test it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it (and it was great having my youngest Eva “helping” me with it), and if you get stuck or if have any questions remember, as always – I’m here to help – shoot me an email.


For more replacing different types of showerheads, you can see this article on Apartment Therapy – DIY Renters Solutions: How to Replace a Showerhead.

Thanks. Thanks for reading, hope this helps and I know we are coming up on Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~jb