Laundry Room Washer and Dryer Set BackIf you have been a reader of this blog you know that we (my wife and I) have a lot going on with our house, and that we have a little ways to go.  The way things are and because I am still tackling projects from a “whole house” mindset (as opposed to using some sort of room by room methodology), I find myself circling back many months, and sometimes, yes, years later to finish things.

Here is a great example.  Back in July of 2009, I posted on the dryer hook up in our laundry room … in side venting a dryer fashion.  And as with my post from just yesterday (I don’t have a problem!), I posted on the project prior to the project actually being 100% complete (let’s call it instead … a focus on progress).

But now with my siding complete, at least in the back ell of the house, I was finally OK to hook up the dryer vent termination, tape the duct work, and push the washer and dryer back into their final resting place … clearing light switches, curtains and such.

Below I have attached a short gallery of photos associated with that part of the project.  And in assembling them, I realized it was another opportunity for a shout to DAP Products’ Seal Your Home and Win! Contest … which is open now for only a few more weeks.  You should take the chance to enter a project of your own… maybe like this one (but better) and you might win free Energy Bills for a year. (Both DAP‘s Daptex Plus Foam Sealant as well as their DAP 3.0 Advanced Sealant was used in the project here.)

The motivation for doing a follow up on that first post found me when I realized I had to realign my set up prior to making the final, final connections.  The final images from the initial post may in fact be misleading; I had to in the end dissemble everything and flip my telescoping dryer vent over.  Hope you can see this in the story below:


For more fantastic info on DAP Products and weatherization check this post from friends @OneProjectCloser >>  Thanks for the time today and hope it is helpful.  My apologies too if I hadn’t printed the bit below previously. ~jb

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