I am not kooky –  really, but I do believe that *every* day should be celebrated like every other day.  For example — weekdays, weekends — no difference. Usually pretty much the same for me or at least that’s how I try to  treat them.

Recently though, and maybe it’s because I have agreed to allow my wife to have another *errrrrm* man (more on this maybe in future posts) — my weekends have felt downright anti-climatic or more to it — even a little shitty.


This weekend a good example.  My agenda —

Item 1 of 1 (Prep for the cabinet contractor): Wood Window Frame Repair . . . kitchen.  Here –>

Wood Window Frame Repair :: termite damaged wood window

And well — things were going well enough Saturday (despite a morning delay) until I slipped my sawzall blade out through the siding just above that cripple (short) stud there at the left.  From that point . . . things went spiraling straight downhill.  The details — I’ll spare you, but I will say at least the weather was nice, my girls were dressed beautifully, and I *did* NOT try to shoot video this weekend.


Next weekend. My agenda —

Item 1 of 1 (Prep for the contractor): Restore wood window . . . kitchen.  (Starting) Here –>

Wood Window Frame Repair :: my wood window (in process) termite eaten framing removed

I am going to have to start by figuring what kind of stock to use to fabricate (on my budget table saw) that termite eaten lower frame. Better yet — maybe I spend some time this week doing *that* . . . instead of other things . . . like *errrrm* . . . .


Thanks for visiting. Have a great day. For part two of this article/essay – I rebuild the bottom of this window frame = a little backstory and what I like to call WWTSD. Additionally you can see the outcome of this area in this essay >> The Hardest Part of DIY is Doing It Yourself. ~jb