As a fixture, vinyl siding is a favorite of homeowners all over for a number of reasons.  Because siding is one of the most important parts of a home’s exterior, you should know all about the different features it possesses and why vinyl is the top choice for siding material for many homeowners.

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So what is it about vinyl siding that so many people like?

Well, consider these facts:

* The Color is Completely Up to You

No matter what the outside of the home looks like, you can get siding that will match it if it’s made of vinyl.

Because vinyl can be purchased in certain colors and doesn’t need to be painted, you can save time and money when purchasing the material.

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* Vinyl is Long Lasting

Your home’s exterior faces all sorts of exposure to elements like heavy rain, high winds, and snowfall.  With enough time, these things can really take their toll and have a lasting effect that will have you paying out of pocket in order to get things back to the way they need to be.

That isn’t a worry with siding made out of vinyl, however. Vinyl is built to last against harsh elements and, as a result, saves you money over time while also keeping you comfortable.

It even stands strong in the face of constant sun exposure. This is known to fade color on some materials.

* Vinyl is Easy to Install

Easy installation means fast installation. And quick installation is something that every homeowner wants. Easy installation provides for better sealing around the home’s exterior penetrations.

The three points above are all benefits for adopting vinyl siding, but if you’re considering doing so, then it helps to know just how to take care of the material.

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Follow these steps and you can be sure your siding will last you for years to come.

Three Steps for Vinyl Siding Maintenance

* Make Sure You Wash It

Dirt and grime can build up, so you want to make sure that you wash your home’s siding regularly.

In most cases, soap and water will do the job just fine. This makes it so your siding always looks as good as new. You’ll be able to enjoy the siding’s color at its richest.

* Check for Moisture

One problem that many homeowners deal with is water damage. It can be an issue when it comes to your siding.

If the siding that you purchase doesn’t come designed to allow moisture to escape, then you will need to make sure you inspect it from time to time. It’s important task to carry out with vinyl siding because failing to do so will allow the moisture to build up. Moisture leads to potentially deadly mold growth (along with other issues).

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* Make Sure Damaged Panels are Replaced

If individual panels of vinyl are damaged, then they won’t be able to do their job as effectively.

That’s why you want to replace them if you notice cracks, chips, and other blemishes in your siding. Fortunately, the panels can be replaced individually. So one damaged piece of siding doesn’t mean that it all has to be replaced.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what you can expect with vinyl siding, but it’s a start.


Remember that, with this type of siding, it’s easy to get the protection and looks you want without taking a huge hit to the wallet. So if you’re looking for a practical solution to the problem of what kind of siding material your home should have, then consider vinyl.

Editor’s Note: Mark Cunningham has been working as a certified residential and commercial contractor in Maryland for over 25 years. Mark is the founder of Cunningham Contracting, a full-service, fully licensed, bonded and ensured contracting company that specialized in roofing, exteriors, and remodeling.

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