winter remodeling via Brad Scott ConstructionDoing any type of work to your house is a very exciting adventure. Everyone loves to spruce up their home, but a lot of people worry about the expense and the amount of time it takes to accomplish these projects.  One of the best-kept remodeling secrets is to do winter remodeling, work during the winter time!

Having your home remodeled during the winter may seem a little unorthodox, and that’s because it is. The usual time to have your home remodeled is the summer or spring. The reason most likely being that people feel like they have to stay cooped up in the cold weather. However, the advantages to remodeling your home during the winter may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Spring and summer are the rush hour traffic of home remodeling.  It’s impossible to speed up the time it takes to get to the end result. Well you can beat the rush by doing your remodeling in the winter.  It’s just like leaving work an hour early. You get to where you’re going a lot faster even though you’re taking the exact same route you would take any day.

Winter is the “Slow Season” for Remodeling

Because there aren’t a lot of people remodeling during the winter, it’s the slow season for contractors. When the amount of people wanting to remodel decreases, so may the price. You can really benefit by remodeling in the slow season because your ability to negotiate with contractors increases and they are sometimes ultimately willing to work for less money. Additionally, when contractors have less to do, they have more time to work on your project, so your remodeling gets done quicker as well.

What to Consider When Remodeling in the Winter

winter remodeling post and beam via Brad Scott ConstructionYou may be concerned about remodeling in the winter with the amount of fumes and dust that are dispersed during remodeling projects. The products and technology used to contain and clean up after doing messy work can get rid of these annoying particles without having to open  windows. With this technology, there’s no need to worry about having to inhale anything you don’t want.

During the summer, people are more likely to stay near home because it’s always nice. Schedules fill with local activities. But during the winter people often want to escape to warmer climates. If you’re going to be gone for any duration of the winter, you won’t have to deal with the noise or hassle of living in a home that’s getting torn apart.  Or, if you’re a snowbird, you could possibly leave your house for a mountain winter retreat, and by the time spring arrives you could return home to a beautiful new addition or other major repair.

Don’t wait for a contractor’s busiest season to do projects on your home.  Get your contractor working during the off-season. Save money and get the project done quicker than you would during the “regular remodel season.”  Plus, think of this, your contractor may thank you for keeping them working in their down season.

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Note from the hosts: This article was written by Lauren Beerling with Brad Scott Construction, a Minneapolis remodeling company. For more on Remodeling in the Winter, here is an article from Angie’s List3 Home Remodeling Projects for Winter. For more on ensuring a successful remodeling project, see our article – Five Things that Make Remodeling Projects Last Longer than Expected. ~jb

Images via Lauren Beerling on behalf of Brad Scott Construction.