One thing that’s been happening around my house hasn’t even been happening, well, around my house.

Flipping Houses :: Red Front Door with Transom and SidelightsDiehard readers know that my wife, Jen (aka Mrs. Moxie), has been working on her first ever flip project. She purchased a house and began working on it towards the end of last August. Even more dieharderer readers also know that Jen is something of, well, a Real Estate Superstar.  (I guess you could know that too if you were ever to read the blurb that appears at the bottom of my posts. Ha!)

And while I guess every house we’ve ever been in could technically be considered a kinda “flip,” it has absolutely always been a dream (of both of ours) to renovate a home other than one we actually live in.

This particular house, a Colonial (I guess), sits less than a mile from ours. After a short shopping period, she purchased it for a near rock bottom price after a foreclosure. And really, it was all kinda a perfect awesome flipping houses storm or something. Jen found herself not only with access to funds BUT ALSO with access to a working licensed contractor willing to “go in” on a house. Put another way – she had renovation costs covered and a contractor that was actually offering his labor for free (read: up front).

Flipping Houses from the Sidelines

OK and that then begs the question. “Were you involved, jb?”  Truthfully, really, not that much.  And surely I asked.  The misses frequent responses usually ended about this way, “This can be my thing. After all, you have, you know, your . . . thing.” HaWell! And I know, it probably ends up being a pretty good thing.

I mean – something about the Other Man’s (as I jokingly call her contractor) no-nonsense style seemed to gel very well with Mrs. jb’s sometimes uber-practical, all-about-the-numbers way.  Yes, of course!  I do like to think that I could have pulled off a project of this scale.  BUT where their project was projected for 6-9 months (actual 9-10 months), for me . . . in my current “situation,” it would have come in at idk. . . ha! . . . and let’s leave it at that.

But anyways, I’m here to give the old lady (and her friend) some props where the props are due.  You can see some of the work here.





Other than offering a simple “yeah” for a color, or a “Sounds good” to a layout plan, I was able to offer up a few recommendations on subs for some specific needs.  I did spend an afternoon helping with the buy for the home’s staging (*huffing on nails just before rubbing them on upper shirt*) and yeah, really, the wife did do much much much of that work.  Oh and there was lending a part or a tool here and there.

I was responsible, too, and you may remember me mentioning it, for seeding the 30’ by 22’ plot of dirt that was the home’s front yard.  There it is below, and I’ll tell you a little bit about that next time. See the article – Seeding a New Lawn.

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small front lawn seeded and strawed

The house now on the market for two weeks, it has received about six showings and has received generally positive feedback but no offers yet.  At least three of those showings occurred after a wave of severe thunderstorms ripped the power line from the house.  (A large fallen tree still sitting in the back yard.)  And anyway, if I know one thing – my wife has this home priced right. A more likely reason that it’s still on the market is . . . well, folks are just waiting for my grass to grow. ;~)


Thanks for reading and stay cool. Oh and Jen, I’m proud of you. ~jb

All images were watermarked copyright of MRIS but were shot by either my wife or myself.