Contemporary Entryway lit with LED image via PegasusLightingBattery powered outdoor lighting is not new to the home and garden space. Installing pathway, garden, and stairwell lighting is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about cords or outlets. Many battery outdoor lights can be simply pushed into the ground using a stake. It’s no wonder why homeowners find battery operated fixtures attractive.

However, the use of LED battery lights is growing exponentially. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and it’s a light source that operates via a small electronic device that lights up when electricity passes through it. It’s a relatively new technology. But several of its features have made it the go-to choice for homeowners looking for easy outdoor lighting.

Some of the benefits of LEDs include:

Deck-mounted LED lighting image via Pegasus Lighting* Long Lifetime

LED lighting is incredibly efficient, using very little energy while outputting bright, high-quality light. What this means for battery powered outdoor lights? You will get a long lifetime, and will rarely have to replace batteries. You can find lights with lifetimes ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 hours.

* Bug Detraction

Insects are drawn to light, right? Well, not exactly. What attracts insects to light is the UV radiation that most light sources emit. The thing is, LEDs do not emit UV radiation. (See this study for more information). Installing a light source outside that doesn’t attract bugs is a major selling point for LED battery operated lights.

* No Burnout

Another unique feature of LED lighting is that it never “burns out” in the way that incandescent and fluorescent light sources do. In fact, LEDs simply becomes progressively dimmer at the end of their lifetime.

When you see the estimated “rated life” of an LED light source, that measure actually tells you when the light will emit only 70% of its original level. So, a 60,000 hour rated LED light will shine past 60,000 hours, it will simply be a bit dimmer. This is an obvious benefit for home outdoor lighting, where it can be a safety hazard if a path or stairway light unexpectedly goes out.

Dog on a Lawn lit by a tree mounted LED image via Pegasus Lighting


Editor’s Note: Emily Widle is a blogger and marketing specialist for Pegasus Lighting, now LightUp, an online retailer that sells a wide selection of LED lights, among other residential and commercial lighting products.

Outdoor Lighting is a personal favorite and largely because of both the curb appeal and security benefits. See also my articles Installing In Patio Lighting & Installing a Post Lamp. For more on installing LED Lighting, perhaps this article – How to Install LED Lighting in Your House. ~jb

All images via Pegasus Lighting.