modern kitchen angle image via home sweet solutionsHow to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Lisa Siglag

Have you ever felt frustrated in your kitchen, trying to find a certain pot or specific ingredients for a recipe? We’ve all been there. Rummaging through cabinets with a vengeance to find a box of chicken stock or that perfect-sized saucepan. Well, say goodbye to disorganized shelves and drawers with these easy ways to organize kitchen cabinets.


  • Add Pullout Shelves:

Even if your cabinets are dated, you can give them 21st-century functionality. Pullout shelves and baskets, which cost under $100 for a two-tier unit, can really help you to see what you have. So, grab your measuring tape to figure out the unit size that will fit in your cabinets, go to your local home improvement center, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the mounting brackets, slides, and baskets. Look for heavy-gauge construction for lasting value.

  • De-Clutter your Bakeware

For under $20, you can get dividers that mount into your cabinets to separate out muffin tins, cookie sheets and shallow pans. With a bakeware organizer, your gear is set on its side, so you can easily pull out what you need without having to lift up all your pans to get to that cookie sheet on the bottom.

  • Take a Turn

Installing a lazy susan shelf set is a great way to organize spices or even cleaning supplies. It’s important to measure how much space you have carefully to make sure you have clearance for the unit to spin 360 degrees and accommodate any taller items you may want to store on it.

  • Pull Out your Garbage

Instead of having a tiny trash can under the sink, you can have a regular-sized garbage bin that simply pulls out on a metal base when you need it. Pull-out waste containers range from 20- to 35-quart size, and prices start from about $45. Consider installing two units or a double unit, so you have one bin for waste and another for recyclables.

  • Organize your Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap

Impress your guests by mounting shelves that are specially designed to hold your aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Measuring 3.25 inches in depth, the unit neatly holds your rolls of wrapping supplies. You simply pull out what you need without taking out the whole box.

  • Keep your Utensils Neat

A simple drawer organizer will get all of your cutlery in order.

  • Buy a Kitchen Cart or Pantry Shelves

If you feel tight on space in your cabinets, you may need additional storage, such as a kitchen cart that can double as an island and give you extra counter space or a freestanding shelving unit.

  • Install a Pot Rack

This is a quick and easy way to instantly get more space in your cabinets. Pot racks range from $60 to $250 and are simple to install. They generally offer adjustable heights and multiple hooks to suit your needs. They mount on the ceiling or wall. Have these items on hand to install the pot rack: a measuring tape to check for clearance, a stud finder to determine the location of the joists, a drill and ceiling screws.

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Lisa Siglag is the former editor of House Beautiful Kitchens and Baths and a freelance writer specializing in home design. She has written for Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful Home Remodeling and Decorating, Custom Home and Country Living. Her dining room is graced with white beadboard and pale-blue walls.

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