The entry door of a home is important for several reasons. It is the first thing people see when they approach the house, i.e. curb appeal. It sets the tone for the entire home. Also, it is essential for Security. It’s what protects your home from burglary and theft. Here are just a few of the newer entry door features you can currently find.

Stained Entry Door with Double Sidelight & Transom image via Schedule Fred

Magnetic Weather Stripping

In the past some weather stripping has had a less than desirable seal. It eventually lets in some water or wind in stormy weather. However, several new advances have led to a magnetic weather stripping that works in much the same way as a refrigerator door does. The seal is tight and prevents any air from escaping or coming in from the inside. This can provide comfort as well as reducing energy costs.

Thermally Sealed Glass

Many door manufacturers are promoting the new advances made in their glass panels on entry doors. Previously, it was recommended that if you wanted a sealed door that contributed to the energy efficiency in your home, you had to avoid glass. However, the attractive and ornate glass panels can add interest and value to the home. Thankfully thermally sealed glass is now available for many entry doors. This allows you protection from the elements, it acts as insulation, and is beautiful to look at.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

Many of the most sturdy and reliable entry doors are made from a steel frame construction. Within the steel is an insulation to increase energy efficiency in the home. Previously, homeowners needed to choose between effective insulation and an Eco-friendly material. Today, however, new features for entry doors include polyurethane foam, which is both good for the environment and good for your home’s efficiency. Many polyurethane and steel frame doors come in with an R rating of 15 or higher, which is truly remarkable for an eco-friendly option.

Adjustable Door Sill

This incredibly convenient device sits directly under your door to act as an additional buffer to the elements outside. Even the highest quality doors can let in a certain amount of wind and water, which can damage the home or just reduce the temperature. Whether you are trying to heat the home in the winter or cool it down in the summer, outside air will only drive up your electricity bills each month. Door sills are now available in adjustable designs that will fit any door perfectly. Choose one of the newest sill styles that come complete with a composite base and require almost no maintenance whatsoever.


With new entry door features such as magnetic weather stripping, eco-friendly insulation, thermally-sealed glass panels and adjustable door sills, it is easy to find the perfect entry door for your home.


This article was written by Joaquin Erazo, Jr. He blogs for Case Remodeling, a nationally franchised home remodeling company. He is the vice president for marketing and public relations for Case as well as Schedule Fred, a handyman and home remodeling company in Maryland.  His contribution to BuildingMoxie.com – Helpful Hints for Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors is very popular. For information on installing an entry door, here is an article and video from Fine HomebuildingHow to Install a PreHung Exterior Door. ~jb