A mainstay of almost every home is the ubiquitous area rug. While area rugs add charm and beautify almost any space, traditional area rugs come pre-designed in particular sizes. If you have spent weeks and months looking for an area rug that suites your room and budget, you understand the draw backs of conventional area rugs. The solution is simple, though, carpet tiles, the modular system of flooring that has endless options.

Carpet Tile Area Rug image via Focus Floors

The creative homeowner/interior decorator knows the versatility of carpet tile. They are a saving grace for many living spaces where an area rug or runner is desired or required.

First, carpet tiles are beautiful, coming in many tones, colors, patterns and sizes. Carpet tiles are practical. They are easy to install and they are affordable. And carpet tiles are a responsible choice for recyclability.

Carpet Tiles are Beautiful

The beauty of carpet tiles inherently lies in the design. Each carpet tile is designed beautifully, but when placed together a whole new dimension of possibility opens up. You can mix and match tonal qualities, colors, patterns and textures to achieve the desired look whether it’s to complement the focal point of a room or be the focal point. Truly, carpet tiles are the most versatile method of creating an area rug or runner. Think customization.

Carpet Tiles are Practical

Other than beauty, one of the primary reasons to choose carpet tiles over a conventional area rug is the practicality. The durable construction and easy maintenance allows carpet tiles to resist wine stains, pet stains, soiling and wear. If ever a tile is in need of cleaning, it can simply be removed from the floor and placed directly in a sink for washing. If you ever need to replace a tile, just pull it up and put the new tile down. The wide array of design and selection of carpet tiles makes them perfect for luxury settings, kid’s rooms, basements and even garages.

Carpet Tiles are Responsible

Carpet tiles are an environmentally responsible product. Most manufactures make it a primary objective to create tiles that are recyclable and offer programs to reclaim unwanted or discarded product. Many lines of carpet tiles manufactured from recycled materials. Reducing the amount of waste we send to the landfills is the responsible thing to do.


Building a DIY area rug with carpet tiles for almost any room makes perfect sense. There is no escaping the beauty, practicality or responsibility of carpet tile, hence making the search for that perfect area rug a problem of the past.


Roderick Shields is a flooring and customer service expert specializing in carpet tiles for Focus Floors of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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