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Roofs have a significant role in providing your home protection against harsh weather conditions and other types of external elements. Traditional asphalt roofs have been providing the protection to the homeowners since years but the metal roofing is gaining more popularity because of its added advantages.

Let us have a better look at the features and advantages of metal roofs:

* Beautiful Look for the Exterior

Everybody wants their house to look beautiful. They want its outside looks to be perfect along with the inside looks. People generally believe that the inside of the home for the comfort of the owner and the outside look is for beauty. Metal roofs come in many colors. They can be made to match shingled or tiled look. And stone-coating options are even available. The choice of colors that metal roofs offer is very dynamic, but they are equally as famous for the comforts they offer (which are discussed in other points below).

* Robust and Long Lasting

One of the key benefits of metal roofs is that they are sturdy and last without much maintenance for a very long period of time. The metal roofs come with a 40 year warranty but they may last many more years. They can also be recycled and reused.  Many other forms of roofing last only 10 to 15 years, which will increase your overall expense on roofing over a long period of time.

* Saves Energy

Metals keep the insides cooler in the hot weather and warmer in the cold weather. This is true as the metals reflect light and provide insulation to maintain comfortable temperatures. Using a metal roof will reduce the usage of air conditioners in summer and heaters in winter.  It is hard to calculate the exact amount of energy that will be conserved, but it is definitely effective.

* Increased Value of Your Home

The added look and the durability of the metal roofs can increase the value of your house. The insurance companies typically charge lower premiums for metal-roofed houses.


All in all metal roofs are more beneficial and comfortable than other roofs. They conserve energy and offer the ability to recycle the material.  You can only know the actual comforts of metals roofs once you use them for your house. While various colors and texture combinations are available online, having a metal roof custom made is never out of the question.


Editor’s Note: Andrew Johnson works professionally as a Metal Roofing, Metal Buildings and Kit Building contractor. To get the best value for your money he recommends Metals Direct, Inc. for your roofing requirements. For more on the Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing, here is an article from HomeTips.com – Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing.

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