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Mrs Hines Class New Construction

Old House vs New Construction :: a Google Hangout. Plus a Contest, an Auction and a Lot of Questions

While Google Hangouts aren't always the easiest thing for me, given my schedule, Sharon was nice enough to dial me up in Providence during down time at JLC Live. We worked through a couple of minor glitches, including crashing the hotel’s wifi connection … twice, and with a little editing magic later (on Sharon’s side) - it appears now that we had a good, balanced conversation. We talked House Hunting (this Spring), Fixer Uppers and in general, Old Houses vs New Construction. [...]

Notes from Providence :: Welcome to JLC Live – the Saw Dust Show

I was able to acquire the press pass, and I did make a few appointments (with friends and brands), but I wasn't so obligated that I couldn't take in a good portion of what the 49th edition of JLC Live had to offer for a regular attendee. As Hanley Wood (the producers of the event) put it – this one is “Boots Not Suits.” And frankly, I wanted to see. Plus, friend (and presenter) Greg Burnet had simply gotten me pretty stoked up on it. [...]
Brian Campbell

Listening to the Past :: How Architectural Details Inform Our Work

If you have an old house to work on, do some homework before you start your project. It can be as simple as looking the house over for details that give the house its style. It may be obvious (or subtle) clues that can guide new work so it “fits” the home. [...]
Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation Batts & Roll at the Home Depot

Building Moxie Plays *the DIY Guy* with Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation

As I stood in my basement, looking up at the floor joists of the dining room above, I thought to myself, “I guess I do know a few things about insulation.” [ . . . ]
Casper the Ghost :: How to Win Friends via

This Old House Peep Asks “Do You Believe in Old House Ghosts?”

This ghost, it seems, has a tendency to shut the jobsite's Dewalt radio off (possibly when it doesn't agree with what's on). The helper, of course, says, "Yeah, I can feel it moving back and forth behind me. But I just try to ignore it." [ . . . ]
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