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rigid 4 inch duct for bath fan

The Importance of Bath Ventilation – a Lesson Re-Learned in my Master Bath

And anyway ... I took a Sunday afternoon, and as our attic is a space, I hard-piped using 4” rigid duct, going out the attic's side wall. It wasn't a super-amazing or difficult project, considering of course that the bath fan had already been installed. But imagine it - a one man show up into the 3rd-floor attic, down to the ground and then up a 32’ ladder. Down the 32’ foot ladder and repeat until it is hooked up. A five-foot run of duct took roughly four hours (ugh!) and I see why now that the Other Man wanted to avoid it.
Bathroom Vanity Combos :: Early American Style Vanity Combo

Bathroom Vanity Combos – Pros and Cons for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are big these days, from DIY weekend projects to HGTV-worthy renovations. But if you’re planning on doing any work on your bathroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even just trying to choose the right bathroom vanity can be a little overwhelming. Bathroom vanity combos – vanities that come with a matching counter and sometimes sink and faucet – are a great way to take some of the stress out of the decision, but there are a few things you should consider before you settle on this option. [...]
Small Bathroom Remodel :: Toilet & Vanity (St. Paul Home Products)

Installing a Bathroom Vanity

And as the story goes, I simply asked (paraphrased here): "Hey guys. Would you ever consider providing a vanity which I would install and then later document?" Well, they (St. Paul) agreed. That's how I found myself installing a St. Paul Home Products 30" Classic Vanity Combo (in Antique White) at Dave W.'s house. [...]
Standard Stamp Underside Pedestal Sink 1931

Not Before and After But After and Before . . . with American Standard

Featuring 80 years of American Standard products -- sometimes you need to look no further than what you already have . . . for inspiration. I mean – I would imagine that what you already have probably suits your style . . . a bit already -- doesn’t it? Ummmm, doesn’t it? But now, you have decided that you just need to tweak it a little and do some editing/updating. This is how it goes sometimes.

Life of a . . . Princessitect . . . aka A Passion for Design Starts Young

I mean -- ya know, I have two darling little prodigies myself, and maybe I haven't been focusing enough of my attention, here, on them. And why shouldn't I -- "Because it has been done?" No -- I was gonna do it and it fits. How could they not take on (through osmosis) some interest in, well . . . houses. Mom a real estate agent, and dad a working-around-most-weekends, semi-professional *ahem* handyblogger. And Ayeah! *grin* [ . . . ]
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