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floating vanities freestanding tub towel warmer in contemporary bath

Safe Bathroom Tiles || Another Look at Bathroom Flooring

Most homeowners tend to overlook the aspect of safety when choosing bathroom tiles and instead prioritize other aspects such as style, color, cost, material, and durability. However, safety is also an important element to consider especially in homes with small children or older individuals.
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Get the Sexy of Steam with Mr. Steam :: A Steam Shower Installation Primer

Their Steam@Home system is suitable for showers in a space as small as 3' x 3 ' x 7’. And okay - that’s roughly the size of the shower we did our master bath. With ours integrating a bench, it is in fact a little larger and a little taller. Really? Can you just squeeze a steam shower into any old shower stall? Well … yes. I mean - well, kinda.
wainscoting and custom trim

Before You Thrift or Junk, Salvage By *Shopping The House*

Shopping the House – searching your house for something that is laying around, taking up precious storage space, and that in its present unused state could maybe help finish (or maybe it even inspires) the current project. A double win actually because not only are you putting unused materials you already have to good use… BUT you actually decluttering ha! while you do it.

Building Skills :: Installing Bath Hardware in Tile :: Vintage Tie Back Edition

When you work in bathrooms, the occasion will arise when you will need and want to mount something into tile. A little intimidating perhaps, but really, with the right tools and a few tips – it can be pulled off pretty effortlessly.
Installing an electrical outlet on a Masonry Wall @

Installing an Electrical Outlet on a Masonry Wall

To plug my power pack in, which again I needed for my landscape lighting, I had to install a new outlet. Going against specification somewhat, I mounted my pack indoors, in the small room that sits under our side porch. While I had previously called this room our mechanical room that really isn't a fair distinction. Our main breaker panel, as well as the command board for our security system, is installed here, but really the room is used for little more than storage. [Click to Read More]
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