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April Showers Bring May … Projects :: Revisiting the Home Advisor Hangout: Spring Home Projects

I am referring to the April 30th Hangout hosted by Maybe you saw me promoting it. It paired me with old friends Mark & Theresa from MyFixitUpLife and a new friend David Silverstein - a roofer and remodeler from just out the way from me. The focus was on Summer and on the Spring Projects that lead up to it. It was even for at time featured on the Google Hangouts homepage.
the gift of do it yourself

A Ho Ho Holiday To Do & the Gift of Do it Yourself

As always, as we ramp up, I find myself with, well, a todo. While some officially count as honeydos (actually there were only two requests on my list this year), many more are self-imposed - me playing catch-up for a full year of under-performance. ha! I love banging out these little items and I’m already 66.67% done my honeydo ... a full two weeks to go. (*huffing on nails and rubbing them confidently on chest*)
What to Know About Using PVC for DIY Projects

PVC 101 :: What to Know about Using PVC for DIY Projects

Though PVC is known for being easy to handle and maintain, there are a few things you’ll want to know before diving in. Save yourself some time, money, and frustration by soaking up some quick PVC tips!
In Patio Landscape Lighting

Installing In Patio Landscape Lighting || Even More Patio Project Progress, aka …

I ultimately chose a system from Malibu , which is sold as far as I can tell exclusively at the Home Depot. Now, I know what you are thinking – while my Malibu system was very affordable, my buying decisions were actually based more on my wants, then on cost. Though again admittedly - my design scheme was still relatively simple and low frills. [Click to Read More]

Happy Halloween from Building Moxie and Friends || Real Life DIY Halloween Decorating Inspiration

Be it the Halloween-themed sensory station, the neon glow art work, playland-inspired butcher stations, hanging ghosts, the tombstones, the ghouls, and/or the exploding guts, it all pretty much wows. But admittedly, what gets me is his construction technique - the expert use of among other things, foam board and, well, spray foam … painted of course can give the effect of brain, but also acts as a pretty dang good adhesive. [Click to Read More]
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