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Damp Basement

What Causes a Damp Basement? How to Fix Water Problems at Foundations

In many cases, rising ground water either due to snowmelt or fed by an underground spring accumulates around the foundation and works its way through cracks, joints and porous material.Before you set out to dry your basement, the first thing to do is identify where the water is coming from. And there are basically three major ways water can enter your basement: condensation, runoff and subsurface penetration.
John Deere Dude Mowing

Mowing in the Know :: 5 Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Last Spring I visited with John Deere. More specifically, I visited Horicon Works - the home of John Deere's lawn equipment production since 1963. It was there that I had the chance to Ride & Drive, review, many of the company's latest offerings. And it is there, in Wisconsin, that Deere has perfected the art of grass cutting.
A Guide to Household Oils & Lubricants

A Guide to Home Maintenance Oils and Lubricants

First, let me start by saying that the oils and other lubricants you find around the house often are proprietary formulas, a blend of oils, solvents and other chemistry unique from product to product, manufacturer to manufacturer. Which lubricant you select for a given application often comes down to the weight of the lubricant. How heavy or how light, with heavier oils of course being more tolerant to heavy wear situations, but also unfortunately more likely to trap and hold dust or dirt.
Autumn Leaves via My Soulful Home

Fall Leaf Removal :: Options for Lawn & Garden Care

But wait, "remove leaves" - and maybe that phrase is just a tab bit ... misleading. I mean - I don't know about you, but when I hear "remove leaves" I think - rake 'em up, bag 'em up and sit 'em out on the curb. But wait, this is certainly not the only option. [Click to Read More]
eye safety tips for keeping your eyes safe

DIY Essentials :: Your Eyes: Tips for Eye Safety

October is National Eye Injury Prevention and Home Eye Safety Month – an important time to think about eye protection and vision health during crafts, DIY projects, and home repairs. In support, The Vision Council, representing the manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry around the world, provides 8 Tips for keeping your eyes safe while working around the house. [Click to Read More]
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