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Instant Curb Appeal: Upgrade a Door with a Lite Kit :: Crestview Doors Amazing! Door-o-Vision


Update: Since my original posting here, it seems as if Crestview has, unfortunately, closed their doors – gone out of business. *Big Sad Face*.

Still, this was a very fun post. A Lite Kit added to an exterior door is a fast track curb appeal. For more on the Mid-Century Aesthetic, you might see our feature on Modern 50. For more on adding a Door Lite Kit, perhaps this post from Barry on ODL Doors.

~jb, Editor –


Straight up, This is an Ugly Door

I can say that ’cause it’s mine.  It is the front door on our rental property.  This picture was snapped just prior to starting the punch out on our formstone to brick project.

It’s not that it is such a bad door — in fact, it’s solid; the luan-skinned 1 3/4 inch flush door has done its job for many years.

It’s just that some dumb-dumb (me) left the glass in that self-storing storm door down . . . maybe something like a year ago . . . and it never went back up.  A nice stain added now to the door’s original blahness.  Still, nothing a little paint can’t handle, right?

But wait!  Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do, well . . . something more?  What?  And enter . . . “Ka-Chow!” the Amazing Door-o-Vision by Crestview Doors.

Designing a Door Lite Kit

With it, I can upload a pic of my here ugly door and play around with one of Crestview Doors Doorlite KitsTM.  They say you can add a window to any door.  By my count there are 58 different designs/layouts available in the Amazing Door-o-Vision . . . (though the possibilities really are limitless).
What would it look like painted?  No problem.  Nine options there . . . or stained?  Five stain options there.  Unfortunately for me, now . . . yep, it’s paint. (And we did ultimately paint this door.)

Hmmm . . . the “Throckmorton” . . . Pumpkin.  Ummm . . . It’s a start.

Different color?  . . . Ooooo. Not that one.

Ravens Purple! Ooooo . . . .

Glass Options

Reeded glass?



Ohhhhh.  Not that way.

Hmmmm… Closer . . .

Closer . . . . Something like this, I think, would work rather nicely.

And now that’s the beautiful thing.  Though I ran out of time for the day, I was able to save my work and email it to myself.  Heck, I could have even facebooked it up to my wife . . . *ahem* . . . she’ll probably do the painting anyway.

An emailed link includes all ordering details (including price). And maybe I shoot it to Jenny later anyway . . . you know, just in case, she isn’t *ahem* up to date on her blog reading.


More on Building Moxie Sponsor – Crestview Doors

Each Crestview Doors lite kit comes with the sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frames, single-use silicone sealant, screws and dowels as well as detailed installation and layout instructions.  And with most quality exterior doors starting right around $250, plus the cost (likely) for professional installation — these lites are affordable.

For us, idk, we may still just paint.  My ugly door does open into a small and non-descript foyer.  But while I’m not sure if we are going in this direction,  I certainly do appreciate Crestview Doors & their light kits for affording such a cool option.


Note:  Crestview is a participating sponsor in our efforts to make it to the 2011 Remodeling Show, and I say check ’em out not just ’cause of that.

Happy weekend. For more on exterior doors, please see our category – Exterior Doors. Cheers.  ~jb

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