Blanco ONE at Cosentino

One of the biggest themes (trends) that many in our #BlogTourVegas group could identify at KBIS 2014 was “right sizing.” This speaks not only to a trend towards compactness in both appliances and fixtures, but also to a general spirit of efficiency in space. As fellow blogtourerer ( :~) ) Cristin Bisbee Priest of Simplified Bee put it, “Less house and more home is a big trend, transcending generations.”

Less House More Home

Our own judging of the Best of KBIS presented us with a handful of great examples of products doing “double-duty” in a space-saving, streamlined form.  Some might call it multi-functional design, but its more than that.

In many ways, products are becoming more customizable, and not in a trying too hard kinda way. Manufacturers are perhaps beginning to better grasp the broad and varied needs of their customers and are becoming more adept at presenting solutions that effortlessly meet these actual needs.

This is perfectly exemplified by BlogTour sponsor – Blanco America, who, this year, introduces their ONE TM Collection. (For many more offerings from BLANCO, see their Shop on Amazon – here.)


A Look at Blanco ONE

This series contains three spacious kitchen sinks and five innovative accessory kits that the company claims makes for “the ultimate individualized workstation … for cooking, organizing and cleaning.”

“By far, the biggest design trend that connects with both consumers and designers is the idea of individualization,” states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “We have so many options in front of us each day – we truly believe that there is one product, made just for us and for our life. That is the inspiration for ONE. It’s a sink that lets you customize the features to create a personalizable workstation.”

BLANCO ONE XL Single with Cutting Board and Caddy

BLANCO ONE comes in three base model sizes: XL Single, Super Single and Medium bowls. Able to take on the challenges of daily life, these easy-to-clean 9″ deep bowls are created from high quality stainless steel with BLANCO’s signature Satin Polished Finish.

The accessories include a Magnetic Sink Caddy to hold cleaning tools inside the sink; a Workstation that holds knives and utensils; an Ash Compound Cutting Board that fits to the sink to save space; and protective Custom Grids. Exclusively for the XL Single bowl, the Multi-Level Grid serves as an additional rack above the base grid and may also be used on counter as a stand-alone unit.

Back to Bisbee Priest who says, “Homeowners are seeking high-end products that can be used in urban apartments, suburban homes and county cottages.” She, like me, probably took notice of the company’s latest video that helps herald ONE‘s launch. (Truth: we got a screening over a Blanco-hosted dinner and later received it in our BlogTour press kits. ha!) While BlogTour saw it first hand in Cosentino‘s booth, the video has been uploaded to YouTube and can be watched, well, by anyone.


* Individualize for the Family

With cameos from both the company’s Culina Mini as well as their Sonoma faucets, we open on a Family baking around a XL Single option, an island sink in a suburban home. The removable Workstation accepts sharp edges on knifes and holds a wooden spoon as a young girl grabs a sponge from the Magnetic Sink Caddy. Later she places a mixing bowl into the sink, here onto the ONE‘s raised sink Grid.

Blanco ONE Family Scene

* Individualize for the Foodie

We then fade into an urban brownstone setting, the sound of busy chopping is the soundtrack. Here we see a Foodie couple going to work. The Workstation is now moved to the right on a Super Single. Later an integrated cutting board is locked into the sink for easy cleaning and prep of vegetables. (The Workstation is available in both a left and a right option.)

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Blanco ONE Foodie Scene

* Individualize for Entertaining

We cut to another urban setting, perhaps a Brooklyn rowhome. Funky music plays in this Metro setting. We see a young couple first prepping food (and drink) around the ONE. Only later does the scene roll to full-on party, as guests arrive.

Blanco ONE Metro Scene

“Individuality is the soul of every ONE,” text reads as the video plays out. Three stories, one sink.


That’s it, if I have time I may circle back and shine light on more of KBIS’s other standout products. For now, though, I’ll tell you @BlancoAmerica was a sponsor of #BlogTourVegas, of which I was a part.

Christy Emens of Blanco Introduces ONE

Christy Emens of Blanco introduces ONE @ Cosentino’s Booth, KBIS 2014 (image and others via Chasen West for Modenus)

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