b (aka Barry) and I were kicking around ideas for our newly formed alliance when the topic of titles (and not really in the context of blog-related capacities) came up.

For the business of the internet, I use the title – Your Home Project Assistant. When I mentioned that I might use this too in the BMoxie‘s About spiel, b jokingly replied, “Cool.” I can be the Home Project Assistant’s Assistant.

So me as, well, as that and Barry as – The Sounding Board.

Now, those who are fortune to know Barry, he is introduced quite easily. Barry is a quiet and humble man, a multi-talented artist and craftsman living and working along the lower Delaware shore.  He has a simple way, a simple way of surprising me almost weekly. You see, Barry is a seeker, an explorer of the truth, a man of thought and action, of art and living, a life long learner. He is one heck of a communicator. He has been, and is, a good friend.

*******The Sounding Board logo

As a one time professional thespian and musician, Barry now channels much of his creative energy into the photo journal he keeps at Barry’s Big Blog of Building (You can find it in the sidebar over here –>, and it really isn’t all that big).  Barry claims he is motivated by a desire to continually learn about all things … “Building.”  But for us, his visitors — we are the ones who have the unique opportunity to engage in the profoundness of his small doing.  Without his endeavor, perhaps, he and I may not have connected.

And recently as Junction Home Services has begun to slam and jam – and enter new demands brought upon him by, well, me, b needed a practical way to streamline. Midday emails began to be replaced with quick audio notes, recorded on his blackberry . . . . And like that, The Sounding Board Podcast is born.

With The Sounding Board :: Notes From the Slower Lower – Barry provides segments on home projects, business, life and learning. Please click, listen and/or hey, even download. He’d appreciate a comment and a quick, “Hi, how are you doing?”  And trust me, it will be well worth your time.


For all recordings in this series, see The Sounding Board Podcast.