The folks over at Briggs & Stratton contacted Building Moxie to see if we would be interested in reviewing their new AMPLIFI hose powering and storage system. Seems JB and Barry were a little backed up so the Agents to Moxie were called in. And since I have seen this system for sale at Lowe’s so I jumped at the chance to test it out.

Amplifi hose powering system packed with hose + the Amplifi gun

An Entry Level Power Washing System

AMPLIFI is a first of its kind versatile watering and cleaning system that features an electronic motor and pump, and five setting spray nozzle with Detergent-on-Demand.  And it comes in a durable portable storage container. Sounds good to me, let’s see what this thing can do!

The weather has been a bit uncooperative with lots of rain here in Florida since I got the system, but I was able to sneak out and give it a try on the small and dirty concrete patio at my back door. For hook up, attach the supply hose to a water spigot, hook up a heavy duty garden hose (a cheap hose won’t work – it needs to have a 400psi burst rating), plug in the motor and you’re ready to go. It was easy.

AMPLIFI hook up to-hose and changing the sprayer

In my case, I have some algae growing here, so I put some Simple Green (better for the environment than bleach and it won’t kill your grass) in the Detergent-on-Demand reservoir, for a pre-soak first. I turned on the water, flipped the power switch and that was it. No bothering with gas or starting a motor. The first things I noticed was that the electric motor is extremely quiet and the adjustable nozzle works nicely. The trigger handle was comfortable and the detergent button was also.

AMPLIFI pre-soak feature and Power Spray

Amplifying Your Garden Hose

Time to blast away the dirt and grime! The electric motor helps AMPLIFI bust out twice the water at 4.5 times the force of a typical garden hose. Here you can see the striations where I had blasted the concrete and left streaks even spraying and crossing the pattern up in the opposite direction. Next thing I knew my patio was nice and clean again.

A quick switch of the nozzle and I hose down the house and sliding glass door. This shows why I like this system so much – it’s versatility. You can go from cleaning your driveway to washing your car to watering your plants. The storage container rolls easily with its detachable handle and can hold up to 75 feet of hose, making it easy to work around the whole house.

AMPLIFI System used for cleaning a sliding glass window

Briggs & Stratton has been known to us for years as the largest producer of gas powered engines for outdoor power equipment and is a brand I look for when purchasing equipment for their reliability and dependability. AMPLIFI keeps up with their good name. I found it retailing for $199 at Lowe’s and they also carry the AMPLIFI line of cleaners. Check it out and I know you’ll be happy with your purchase!


Editor’s Note: Shout out to Jeremy for providing his take on the AMPLIFI system. You can find all of his contributions to BuildingMoxie.com, here. For more Reviews of products, please see our Review category. Jeremy himself also provided a Review of Black & Decker’s GrassHog (the earliest generation of battery-powered Lawn Tools).


Unfortunately, it appears that the AMPLIFI system is no longer in production. For support on an existing unit, check Briggs & Stratton starting here.

For more from us on how to power wash, please see our article – Pressure Washing Basics. All the best & Cheers. ~jb