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Sustainable Carpet :: New Eco-Friendly Carpeting


Eco-friendly carpets act as a great alternative flooring option to generic brands. Sources make a majority of these carpets from 100% hand woven wool, free of harmful substances.

Some companies offer products made from the wool of distinctive sheep.  As many of these are independent, you can be confident that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and free from unnecessary chemicals.  (<< Editor’s note :: a pretty comprehensive article on eco-friendly flooring from Green America.)

The Benefits of Sustainable Carpeting

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits to using sustainable carpeting is you can avoid volatile organic compounds (also called VOCs).  Carpets that go through mass-production manufacturing processes are treated with a range of noxious substances. Because of this, it is hard to avoid the pollutants they bring into your home. Eco-friendly options are free of carcinogens, such as formaldehyde, that take years to disappear in normal carpets.

They are ideal for children who love to play on the floor.  Plus, if you are someone who is experiencing health problems due to the materials found in normal carpets, you avoid this by using sustainable options. As eco-friendly carpets are less likely to trap dust, you will be less susceptible to environmental allergens. In addition to this, they are less likely to cause reactions in those who have contact dermatitis.

Thanks to more companies producing sustainable carpet, they are no longer hard to buy them. The majority of companies that produce eco-friendly carpets operate online, so the Internet should be your first port of call. As eco-friendly flooring is a relatively new concept, it may be difficult to find local retailers.

However, by checking local newspaper publications and contacting eco-friendly campaign groups in your area, you may find an independent seller nearby who can supply you with what you need. Before making your purchase, ensure you measure the rooms you wish to fit and also focus on design, just as you would do with any other type of flooring.


Alex Summers writes on behalf of Prosource Carpet. She says, so by buying sustainable, you are choosing an option that is not only kind on your feet but kind on your conscience. For more from us on Sustainable Home Options, please see our category = Sustainability. Cheers. ~jb

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