Whether a smartphone app, a home appliance or a drive-through lane at the drugstore, most of us will gladly adopt a technology or product if it promises convenience. They provide us with a bit more personal time.

It feels almost unfair to deal with housekeeping and home chores, especially when we’re worked 40-plus hours per week … at our job, for someone else. The personal time we have away from work, we literally want to be away from work. We choose instead to relax. For this reason, we often purchase the latest gadget, technology or machine with brand-new, “time-saving features” … just so we can squeeze out every last precious minute of me-time.

Me-Time Home Appliances Offer Convenience

Me Time Home Appliances Offer Convenience

Almost every new time-saving advance quickly becomes an expected feature. So any list of convenient gadgets often contains items we may already have in our home.

Yet, technological advancements continue. There’s always a newer model offering even more convenient features. And these make our lives even easier.

Below, seven appliances that help us take back our time. Some surprisingly will not shock you.

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Yes, they’ve been around forever, but what did we use to do in the morning before a fresh, steaming cup of coffee was immediately available as soon as we entered the kitchen?

Having extra freezer space saves time in a couple of different ways. It allows you to stock up on grocery specials, so you know there’s always something available for dinner without a trip to grocery store on the way home. For those of us who are organized and disciplined, freezers allow us to cook vast amounts of food during our days off and freeze them in dinner-sized portions.

Yeah, I know. They’ve been around forever in concept too. The newer ones have removable tureens for easy clean-up and programmable times to begin cooking or switch from “high” to just “warm.”

Note: Pressure Cookers, including the Instant Pot, too have seen a recent resurgence.

Yes, they’re ancient, too. But try to live without one for a month and tell me you don’t miss it. Even if you only use it for popcorn and to defrost, it’s still one of the most convenient appliances ever invented.

White Toned Modern Kitchen Small

Copied from hospitals’ attempts to reduce the spread of infections, these faucets are of particular help and convenience in the kitchen. Triggered by close proximity sensors or even a foot pedal, these faucets leave your hands free to prep and cook.

Manufacturers are developing refrigerators better designed to keep the different kinds of food we store in them fresher for longer periods of time. Special vegetable drawers control humidity to prevent dehydration. Some refrigerators are available with a memory that allow them to learn your habits and adjust power and cooling accordingly.

Editor’s Note: For the Best Smart Refrigerators of 2018, see what CNET has to say.

Almost as good as Rosie in The Jetsons, the Roomba is a rechargeable, programmable robot vacuum cleaner capable of differentiating between shoelaces and errant string to be collected. Unlike the very early models, these don’t tumble down stairwells or try to eat your bathroom rugs.


Put Your Feet Up and Relax

There’s a lot of technology available now to help cook our meals, clean our homes, wash our dishes and launder our clothes. Take advantage of it and use it wisely. But remember to enjoy the time you save. Put your feet up and relax or maybe just add your favorite in the comment section below.

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