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Introducing Eric Miller

“Eric Miller is the Director of Communications for, Studio M Interiors, a well known interior design firm based out of Tampa Florida. There he oversees the marketing, social media, special events, public relations, and overall imagery for the firm. He is also the editor for the company’s blog and is responsible for hiring writers and managing the sites editorial calendar. Eric is a graduate of Florida State University where he majored in Political Science. Although he is not an interior designer, Eric, prides himself on bringing his creative outlook not only to the firm but to every aspect of his personal life.

Eric comes to Studio M with over six years of experience in strategic management and communications for two high-profile real estate developments in the Tampa Bay area. His broad experience included managing construction schedules, budgets and personnel, while also coordinating the media relations and communications for each project.


A few months ago good friend, JB, asked me to come on over and do a guest post for Building Moxie. Well let’s just say that he didn’t give any limitations, which is scary I know.  Instead of choosing a topic based around the home or construction, I decided rather to touch on something far more important — an epidemic sweeping across the globe! Now sit back, relax and please make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position….


Travel Like a Pro

It seems that more and more of us don’t look forward to boarding a plane for our next vacay or business trip. Each of us has our reasons: afraid of flying, self-proclaimed “germaphobe”, or if you’re like me-hate being stuffed into a seat.

As a passenger, airline comfort is everything, so why do I feel like my poor carry-on luggage jammed into the overhead compartments?!  What is even more frustrating is that airlines have begun to exploit the holy grail of coach seating, i.e. the exit seats. These once highly coveted seats were a free upgrade for any of us without the deep pockets for first class. The only caveat? You must help others if the airline happens to run into a herd of geese and land in a near by body of water. Sounds heroic!

Airline tight seats :: Airplane Seating Secrets

Most airlines now charge a fee to sit in the exit seats, which out of principle I will not pay for-what happened to the hero part?  So it begs the question, “Must I live and tolerate the airlines cramping my style?!”

I say H to No! Therefore, I came across a few secret seats (thank you internet) that most people overlook! The best part? No additional cost, plus you can get your stretch on! Ahh yea…!!!!

Tip: Always Check Seating Charts

Most of you know that travel booking websites now come with a seating chart of the airline. For years, I would focus on picking seats that were near the front of the plane. Why? I wanted a quick exit! However, as I began to study the seating chart I noticed that the best seats were actually in the back or middle of the plane … OK hear me out! Yes you may wait any extra 4.33 minutes to deplane, but what is that time worth to you? Two hours of being wedged against the wall and/or an over-sized travel buddy’s arm?

But Eric I won’t get my drink or snack first!  Touché … but who wants that crap anyway? Buy your water and gummy bears (my fav treat) prior to boarding.  We all know the airline snack cart is a joke!

So without further adieu here is a list of a few seats to keep on the lookout when booking your next trip:

Air Plane: Boeing 747

Prime Seats: 60 B, C, J, H

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airplane seating secrets :: 747 seating chart


  • Only two seats, less people
  • No knees in your back or people behind you
  • More leg room, especially the aisle seat
  • Close to bathrooms (if no bad smell..haha)


Air Plane: American Airlines 767

Prime Seats: 17 A, B, H, J (Domestic Only)

airplane seating secrets :: 767 seating chart


These seats are reserved for flight attendants on International flights…They are fair game when flying domestic! Holler…!


Air Plane: American Airlines 757

Prime Seats: 10 A, F 

airplane seating secrets :: 757 seating chart


No seats in 9A or 9F=tons of leg room!


If you are digging this, then you may want to check out Skytrax as they have an entire section where you can look up and evaluate an airline’s seating chart! I feel pretty geeked out right now…Excited over seating charts?!

My only rule in using these planning techniques is that you must always default the best airplane seating to me when flying together… Happy travels!


Written by: Eric Miller

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Note from the Hosts

OK. I have been bugging Eric, Ezy E – Cut Concrete – Stache Daddy Man, Miller for a guest post for, well, several months.  And this is what he came back with.  Maybe he was too busy flying around all over the place or something.  Nah! I’m not going to play it like that.  I know he’s a world-class baller Director of Communications for a internationally recognized interior design firm, but this?  This may in fact be our first post we’ve ever had that had absolutely nothing to do with, well, the house.  (Oh Wait! I didn’t just type that?! )  Moving on . . .

And it’s all good.  In fact when Barry & I set this “Tagged” thing down, it was EXACTLY what we had in mind.  Give the individuals working in “home improvement” a place to share . . . on whatever they wished to share on.  I do think it is ironic that Eric chose this topic though, it was in fact two jet-setting-type trips last year that brought E & I together. 

Other than that all I can say is — “Well Done” and hope to hang again with you soon Eric.  Thanks for reading all and send Eric a shout (you could leave comment below).  Definitely one of the good ones and you certainly will not regret making the effort to connect.  ~jb