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Here’s one of the things that is so great about Hometalk. You don’t have to scour the web, at all.  You just go to their site, look, and you’ll find a wealth of tips and inspiration provided in an ultra visual format. But all in one location.  All posts are user-supplied, making it one of the most unbiased media (other than some of the more mature forums) that I have found.


We have covered HomeTalk a few times on this site, and it’s true – I am pretty friendly with the gang.  At the Remodeling Show last year, we interviewed their Director of Community Development, Miriam Illions; I have guest posted on their blog; and we have even been featured in their illustrious BlogLight – probably the most comprehensive look at our blog to date.  (See The Story of Our Blog.)

HomeTalk has a really nice ClipBoard feature, and I guess, apparently, they are looking to chat it up.  So they have been asking bloggers like me to curate boards on specific topics. They asked me specifically about DIY Plumbing … and, well, because I had already been working with another site *cough* on the identical theme – it seemed like a really good fit. And okay, sure … thank you and here’s what I came up with.

19 DIY Plumbing … Tips and Tricks?

Couple of notes on the posts that I gathered.  While this board is called “DIY Plumbing Tips and Tricks”, and I am more than capable, myself, of tackling many DIY Plumbing tasks – Home Plumbing is not anything that should be taken lightly. I cannot suggest there won’t eventually be some occasion when you will need to call in a pro. Home Plumbing is a complex, and potentially … destructive, system that contains many wide and varying elements.

That said – I did have a little fun with my board, including stretching the term and the topic “plumbing” a bit (*tongue in cheek*).  I grabbed some posts from pro friends Woodbridge Environmental & Hamtil Construction to depict the … What Could Happen.  For more straight forward and diyable tasks, I turned to Sarah @ the Ugly Duckling House and others … but to be completely honest, I leaned pretty heavily on heavy user Jeff Patterson, the Home Repair Tutor.  (You can actually find an interview with Jeff here >> Building Moxie Interviews the Home Repair Tutor.)

Anyway, thanks Jeff, thanks HomeTalk, and I hope to chat you up again on plumbing soon. Oh and between the time that I created this post and time that that pinnable graphic above was delivered to me, I added two more clips to my board (can’t stop … sorry) for a total of 21 DIY Plumbing Tips and Tricks.  ~jb


For more on DIY and/or Plumbing, you could always stick around and explore those categories right here. Thanks. ~jb

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