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Building Moxie @ the Remodeling Show :: Take 2 :: 10 MORE Products You Should Know

Entrance 2012 Remodeling Show Baltimore Wilsonart HD



I was hoping to squeeze in the remaining audio interviews we recorded at this year’s Remodeling Show prior to doing my second product round up from the Show. I do hope to have them for you soon.  For now, my second grouping of ten products … some young, some old, some, something like a pre-teen … that grabbed my eye at this year’s Show.  For my first group of ten, here >> 10 Product You Should Know.  (And again these picks are unsolicited.)

Oh and if you were interesting in our interviews from the Show.  First, Sean Lintow, Sr. (Building Moxie’s Chosen One) & second, Miriam Illions (’s Director of Community Development).  Right now, though, Take 2! 2012’s Remodeling Show Product RoundUp. Enjoy!


* Trex Elevations

(Steel Sub-Structure – (

Being, well, around a recent wave of discussions regarding the longevity and fire-proof-ness of steel deck framing, I had to get a good look at Trex’s Elevations.  Through an acquisition of a company called Iron Deck, Trex actually launched Elevations in 2011.  The leading maker of wood-alternative decking and railing products says that what’s underneath “prolong(s) the life of a deck and improves its overall appearance.”

And as Vice President of Marketing, Adam Zambanini puts it, Trex is working to cover you on everything from what’s both underfoot, all the way up to and overhead (with pergola kits, drainage products, etc.).  The Trex Elevations system is made of a dual-coated, galvanized steel, and offers a 25-year limited warranty. Composed of 25 percent recycled steel, all jobsite waste is then also recyclable.

* LP SmartSide


Really my first good look at SmartSide and specifically the lap siding product. As the tag line puts it, “the Beauty of Wood … Only Better.”  SmartSide is a line of composite wood cladding, which includes not only trim and siding, but shakes, soffit and even panels.  SmartSide is offered pre-primed, and is said to accept paint excellently.  While designed to emulate the naturally beautiful lines of cedar, they provide improved performance. Unlike fiber cement and some other premium high-performance boards, this siding may be mounted directly to a substrate (over house wrap).

* Flextherm


Winner of the Best New Product in the Product Hot Spot, Flextherm wowed with a distinctive new matting system.  Unlike other electric under-floor heating options,  where we have traditionally looked at pre-defined mats or cable systems that depend upon hard-to-install strapping, cleats or discs, Flextherm is combining their heating cable (GreenCable) with a roll out and cutable (customizable) FLEXsnap mat.  Time in the booth revealed that in effectively using the system, it suggested that you use the company’s FLEXglide proprietary installation tool.  One added benefit of the mat is that once the cable is embedded, the mat itself acts as both shielding for the cable as well as a sorta screed over which your self-leveling compound or thin set can be spread easily to level.

* Goof Proof Showers

( – Heck we like anything that is “goof proof.”  And their Pre-Pitch System seems pretty smart.  Long slivers of a plastic are designed pre-sloped (to a ¼” over a 10-foot run) and are meant for any custom shower pan build-up.  It is classified as a “spreading tool,” which can be cut then anchored down to the subfloor prior to shower pan liner installation.  While Mark E also offers curbs and  low-profile thresholds, the time save of this basic system here, as a templating “screed,” makes a shower floor mud set even doable for an average diyer.

* Friendly Wall


Debutting at IBS earlier in the year, Friendly Wall paneling laces together to create unique and striking hardwood surfaces.  Finium (from French Canada) presents Friendly Wall (nice ring to that line, huh?).  Of the eight available options, six take their names from legendary musicians.  I mean – with names like FriendlyWall (J.S.) Bach & FriendlyWall (Miles) Davis, how could I not include?  The light airiness of maple, all the way through the darks of walnuts, are represented.  Five foot (x 13.5”) panels consisting of various width (and sometimes depth) planks are mounted together on birch ply and create striking visual notes once installed.   For more info, a pretty groovy video on what you can do >>

* Bathroom Anywhere


One issue I’ve seen a handful times … especially in some of Baltimore’s older rowhomes – is how to put a bathroom in a basement when there is/are no ground works, i.e. plumbing buried in the concrete at the lowest point in the house.  (I gotta remember that with many of these old houses, plumbing was an “add-on” and in some cases, the basements were not even “dug out.”)  The result – “hung” sewer lines.  And enter Bathroom Anywhere by Thetford.

Their “upflush” Macerator System (with rear discharge toilet) ties easily into your home’s existing plumbing lines. When the toilet is flushed, the powerful Vortex-designed “macerator” quickly and quietly disintegrates waste and pumps it away – up to an 18-foot vertical rise and a 150-foot horizontal run!  The pump and plumbing lines can be hidden behind walls for a more elegant appearance. Other plumbing fixtures, including a sink or even a shower, can be tied in as needed.

* NyloBoard


As I mentioned in part one, we spent a little more time in the DeckExpo (as separate, but connected to the Remodeling Show) this year. One booth that stopped me in my tracks was NyloBoard.  (see pic).  NyloDeck is composite decking, which has a primary component of recycled carpet fibers. Yes, and it was actually launched in 2010.   It contains no wood and no pvc and is available in 5 colors.  The company says a 15’x30’ deck (constructed of NyloDeck) contains as much carpet fiber as what could be pulled from an averaged-sized home.

Even more intriguing, though, a sister product called NyloSheet.  Available in 4×8 sheets (or longer) and in thicknesses ranging from ½” all the up to 15/16”, its benefits as a sheeting, I think, may go without saying.  It may be used both as sheeting (substrate) and/or also a finished paintable cladding.

* WP Fail Safe Form Footer


Not to be confused with anything related to the WordPress, the Fail Safe Footer is a form used for making, yep, footers.  The guys in the booth, though, were quick to point out that their product appears in advance of projected and possible code changes regarding the lateral movement of decks and other structures (unconfirmed).  I don’t know, but I do know that in the past and when I have looked downward into the holes traditionally dug for deck footers I see … a blob, and really if you have ever seen one – most amount to little more than blob of concrete.  Check this video to see how really simple and neat a footer can be  >>! For more info, the specifications and installation guide, here >>

* Tyvek Drain Wrap


Tyvek, at a builder’s show, I think, could be easily overlooked; it is just such a mainstay.  But, and as I have read enough of about rain shields this past year, I decided to stop to see what Tyvek’s proposed role in these (and other similar) “systems” is.  While Tyvek House Wrap wicks water, Drain Wrap actually … moves it.  Its distinctive vertical grooves helps not only capture water, but it is designed to channel bulk water away.

* Wilsonart HD


OK, yes, a sponsor of our 106 Yard Fund, I did get a wee bit of little time in the booth.  Launching the Carnival (Winter and Summer) portion of their High Definition line, they have a textured beefiness.  They offer a full 2-inch profile, with engineered edging, plus the authentic replication of natural stone … all with advanced technology you may not get from other laminates.  More of a tease here … look for our interview with Wilsonart‘s Mike Lallo coming soon.


Thanks for reading all … now back to your regularly scheduled holiday planning and … shopping. Great weekend. ~jb



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