One mainstay staple at the Remodeling Show (at least for me) has been Christopher Wright of Indianapolis-based Wrightworks. He is also a multiple award-winning, “designer-friendly” remodeler.  A friend.

Chris Wright & Barry Morgan at the Remodeling ShowI initially met Chris through the circles of Remodel Crazy (a construction forum for pros and homeowners).  His participation as a moderator for RC was one of the things we discussed briefly at last year’s show.  And it’s funny . . . I happened to catch up with him this year in just about the same exact spot as last . . . at the NARI National booth.  (That’s the National Association of the Remodeling Industry … and if you were wondering, the recommended pronunciation sounds like “hairy.” – I think.)  He is president of the Indianapolis chapter.

Listen in (Here, Chris talks about the benefits of association as well as the power of networking.  Note:  This was our first experience with recording in a hall setting but still an outstanding interview):

I was fortunate enough (though it was early Thursday) to catch Chris’ presentation . . . “A Design/Build Twist: How to Find and Cultivate Relationships with Outside Design Firms” and  imho — he crushed it.

Chris Wright (Center) Brothers at Building Moxie outingA natural speaker Chris opened by talking about his sincere and humble passion for building things. But drawing on personal history both with FedEx and on his martial arts background, he talked of the common perceptions both sides face . . . how designers see contractors and how contractors see designers. But he says, and targeted to those of us sitting in the audience, “You must empty the cup.”

He talked of contractor/designer relationship as a long term relationship and ripe with opportunity. He talked of respecting each others efforts and leveraging reputation to create situations where all involved succeed.  Like any relationship – you must, as he said, nurture it.

On the final day, and a just moments before we headed out, Barry & I caught up with Chris in the slightly quieter confines of “command central” — the press room space.

Listen in (Here, Chris shares his thoughts on the Show and talks about the value of meeting people … you know — in person):

Interview with Chris Wright

Please check Chris’ site at http://www.wrightworks.net << probably one of the more fluently designed small biz sites I’ve seen.  He can be found on Twitter @ChrWright & on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/WrightWorks.

Thanks out to Barry for his audio efforts and to Chris for taking the time.  I’m out on Chris’ million dollar secret . . . for remodeling (business) success.  Shot from my belt buckle cam, enjoy. ~jb