Anyone that has been around minor home repairs has seen spackling that changes color as it dries. Well, Red Devil, Inc. has taken this technology one step further with its ColorCureTM Pink2White caulk.  It is applied pink, but dries white.  Magic!  “Who Cares?” you ask, “I get along just fine with regular old caulk.”  Well, painting too early can cause cracking and flaking, but this intuitive product solves that problem for DIYers and pros.

Red Devil ColorCure Pink to White

Red Devil ColorCure Pink2White

This caulk is both “green” and pink. Red Devil’s ColorCure™ Pink2White is a  premium, multi-purpose sealant that goes on pink and dries white when it’s ready to be painted. It is also environmentally friendly. The patent pending technology is free of solvents, plasticizers and toxic chemicals, yet has the added benefit of a dry-time indicator.  It is also low in VOCs and odor and cleans up easily with water.

ColorCure sealant represents an exciting technology breakthrough that both pros and DIYers say would help them achieve better results,” said Jason Ringling, Director of Marketing, Red Devil, Inc.  “It will help improve job efficiency and the performance level of any caulk and paint job.”

Red Devil’s ColorCure sealant has a typical drying time of one to two hours, depending on climate conditions.  It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and has patented HomeShield™ antimicrobial protection.  With a tight, weather-proof seal, ColorCure sealant may be used on windows, door frames, baseboards, trim, countertops and vents.  And, it has excellent adhesion to painted and unpainted wood, glass, aluminum, masonry, tile, brick, metal and concrete.


For more information about Red Devil ColorCure Pink2White sealant, here. Find it on Amazon, here. And, look for Red Devil’s loyalty program in conjunction with the launch of ColorCure on Facebook at www.facebook.com/reddevil. It will include more product details and special offers for Red Devil Facebook fans. For more on how to caulk, here is a nice overview from Lowe’s. We have a good bit of coverage on caulk right here at Building Moxie. Please see our category – Caulk for more. ~jb