Note from the hosts: Chamberlain, the makers of MyQ Garage, claim it is a smart home device that lets you open or close the garage door from anywhere. It shows you if the garage door is open or closed, and keeps security, convenience and peace of mind in check. This is especially important as spring break and summer vacations are planned.

I asked Josh Buesking to have a look. You may remember Josh – he participated in our 2012 Parade of Toolbelts. While we were provided with a unit to test, all views are his own. Welcome Josh, here is what he had to say on the MyQ. Hang tight, at the bottom you’ll get a chance to win your very own. Good Luck! ~jb


Chamberlain MyQ

When I moved into my home, the previous owner only left us with one remote opener, and by default, that went to the woman of house. I had been stuck using the keypad to open and close the door every time I came and went.

I had been going back and forth on whether I wanted to just buy a new opener since ours was over 15 years old anyway. That or buy another remote.  But when I saw the opportunity to review the Chamberlain MyQ Garage opener for your smart phone, I hopped on it.

When considering purchasing this add-on for your garage door opener, the first thing you need to do is make sure it works with your garage opener. The majority of all the openers are compatible as long as it has the safety-reversing sensors down at the bottom of the doors’ track. The range of your WiFi signal also must reach the garage opener.

Installing MyQ

Installation was very straight forward and easy. I was able to open and close the garage door from my phone within 10 minutes, and while still taking pictures for this review. There should be no reason a typical homeowner could not get this installed in under 30 minutes.

garage door mount for MyQ

The device has two components. One is mounted to the garage door itself and detects whether the door is open or closed. It is battery-powered and comes with both Velcro for a quick install and two screws for a more permanent attachment. The second and main component is mounted to the ceiling above the garage opener. It is the brain of the device.

Mounting bracket MyQ

MyQ control

Once this component is connected to the power, the rest of the setup is done through the smartphone app. It walks you through the steps, and all that is required from this point is pushing the “Learn” button on the opener itself. Once completed, the door opens or closes letting you know installation is complete.

MyQ setup

Using MyQ

Using the controller is very simple. You open the app, and just tap the picture of the garage door. There is a small 3sec delay that at first can seem a little cumbersome compared to just pushing the button on your typical remote. Once I realized, though, that I no longer have to make sure you are in range, I found myself opening the door when turning into my neighborhood to eliminate this delay. Having it on your phone also eliminates the need for another thing in your car. This could be considered safer if you ever had your car broken into.

Where the MyQ Garage opener really shines is the additional functions it brings to the table. You can set alerts that will send you a message whenever the door is opened or closed. This makes sure your kids are coming and going like they say and/or if you need to allow someone temporary access to your home. There is an event log.  And I can currently see every time the door was opened or closed since I have installed it.

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MyQ door closed


MyQ door open

My personal favorite, which solves a frequent problem at our house – leaving the garage door open at night. We come home after work, leave the door open thinking we’ll close it later but end up not going outside. So it gets left open overnight. With the app, you can set a few parameters and if the door is left open for a certain amount of time during the hours you select, you will get an alert.

MyQ Push Notifications


MyQ Alert

Chamberlain is delivering a solid product that adds today’s technology to yesterday’s garage door opener. There are also several additional features that are useful along the way.


Keys Points of MyQ

  • Garage door remotes that are left in the car are a target for thieves. MyQ lives on your cell phone, so you can ditch the remote.
  • MyQ sends push notifications when your garage is in use (and when it’s been left open) so whether you’re on vacation or out running an errand you can make sure the garage is always closed.
  • Installs in minutes – less than 5 simple steps before it’s ready to use.
  • Do-it-Yourself device that works with your existing garage door opener and home WiFi.
  • Available for $129.99. On Sale currently on Amazon for $98.95. Buy it, here.


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