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Kobalt Cordless Outdoor Power Tools & the Great American Race – the Daytona 500


Note from the Editor: Right now, for many of us, snow removal may be the only “yard work” on our minds. But News – Spring and this year’s lawn care season is steadily approaching. For it, Kobalt Tools & Lowe’s launches a new line of cordless outdoor power tools. Contributor – Lisa M. Smith got a first hand look at them during a Lowe’s-sponsored media event. This event took her to the track and pit row at the Daytona 500. Wow! Enjoy! ~jb 


Forget clicking your heels together, the Kobalt Tools design team has delivered on the homeowner’s dream for cordless yard tools.  “Quiet, clean, lightweight, versatile and easy to use” were the real words uttered by publishers and editors during our recent weekend experience with the Lowe’s/Kobalt team, as we put all seven new tools in the Kobalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) line through their paces.

QUIET – Ear protection is not required with these new cordless outdoor yard tools from Lowe’s.  We mowed and talked, trimmed and bantered, sawed and questioned, even the blower was shockingly stealthy.

Quick, tell your neighbor about these if they are prone to yard work while you are sleeping.

CLEAN – No gas and oil equates to no mess or stains on your clothing, garage shelves or floors. Notice how they gave us white shirts to use during our power tool sampling event?  Still nice and white at the end of the day.   LIGHTWEIGHT – The only heavy lifting will be a result of what you trim, cut, blow or mow. But don’t let me confuse you, lightweight does not mean wimpy or less power.


VERSATILE – The Kobalt 40-volt Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system available in either 2-Amp or 4-Amp works in all seven outdoor power tools.  If the battery from one tool runs out, just pop in one from one of the others.  EASY TO USE – Depress the safety button, squeeze the trigger and you are off and running.  No pull cords.  No gas or confusing gas & oil mixing.  And no power cords creating havoc with your yard work.  (While happily using a hedge trimmer years ago: snap, pop, spark – uh huh, sliced the darn power cord.)

Basically there are no worries with the new Kobalt cordless outdoor power tools.  Shop Kobalt cordless tools in the Kobalt Shop on Amazon, here.


The Great American Race

Speaking of quick, power … but certainly not quiet, you know that little car race in Florida last weekend?

Our grand finale of our power filled weekend was a bucket-list-worthy trip to the DAYTONA 500. We made some new friends….

Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR Driver, center) & the Lowe’s media entourage

Coming soon, we’ll get you a little more up close and personal with the new Kobalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE).  Head to for more on the Daytona 500 and our time in the Team Lowe’s Racing pit box in our Saturday car posts

Disclaimer:  Lowe’s and Kobalt Tools paid for all our travel and entertainment expenses associated with this event.  However, the opinions and observations of Kobalt Tools are my own and we were not asked to endorse or post anything in exchange for our participation.

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