If you’ve ever had a “where are the keys” issue in your house, there is finally now an answer.  Nope, this is not some techno fabulous key finder app either, just good old American ingenuity.  No, no, I promise no motherly platitudes either.  Enter Walhub – Upwell.

key storage options by Walhub

I stumbled across the debut of this functional switch cover on one of the outer corridors of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City … earlier this spring.  Get ready to kick yourself; this is one of those items, you know … “why didn’t I come up with that?!”

If your world is filled with, “Honey, have you seen my keys?”  Those days are over.


This ingenious little creation replaces most switch plates with one that has a key holder (or a sleeve for those dreaded bills which have to go in the mailbox — Does anyone mail anything anymore?). Seriously this is so easy, no fancy tools and it comes with the screws.

“The idea came about from a brain storming session about products that live on the perimeter of a space.  Switch plates became an immediate focal point; an existing system that already interfaces with the wall.  Why not take advantage of it, and give it another function beyond just covering a hole in your wall.” – Walhub

Key Storage … Flippin’ brilliant!

… Kicking yourself yet?


There isn’t much more to write; this is so simple, so easy and so useful in any home.  Wanna buy one?  Hey, this is brand new – this could be a major win for your holiday gift list.  Walhub sells them direct right on their website.  Short and sweet but might be on your gotta-have-it list! Lisa sig

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