One of the biggest splashes at KBIS 2014 came from Cosentino with DEKTON.

Cosentino booth @ KBIS 2014

The makers of SILESTONE, natural quartz, and other renowned counter products … released this revolutionary new material. With technical properties suited for both interior AND exterior use, DEKTON is being termed “ultra-compact” and is receiving its own category distinction – the ultra-compact surface. Its invention punctuates a continuing trend towards the seamless flow of interiors and exteriors.

Kitchen Photo via Cosentino

Cosentino says its launch embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and evolution in the surfacing industry.

* DEKTON – What is it?

DEKTON is combination of inorganic raw materials found in glass, porcelain tile and natural quartz.

* How is DEKTON produced?

Cosentino’s R&D team developed an entirely new process called Particle Sintering Technology (PST). (“Umm … sintering?” Well, a simple example of sintering would be ice cubes sticking together in a glass of water.) Raw materials for DEKTON are mixed, sintered and then, to remove air, are pressed. The press employed in this process has a capacity of 25,000 tons – 6 times larger than any other press to date. Once pressed, this new material is then baked at extremely high heat.


PST is essentially an accelerated version of metamorphism or the “change in form.” Rocks and stone undergo this process in nature. It occurs when they are subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years. (Wow!)

The result – a material with superior technical characteristics providing unique UV resistance for color stability outdoors as well as exceptional strength and performance.  The product is highly resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion. It is safe for use in high-traffic areas. Add to this, a very low water absorption rate.

DEKTON large format material @ KBIS

“Great! Finally the perfect outdoor countertop material.”

Well, not only. Since the product provides extreme thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing, it is perfect for a myriad of architectural applications outside (or inside). This includes flooring (Yep!) cladding, staircases, bathrooms, pool surrounds, and more.

Modern Exterior


At launch, DEKTON is available in 13 styles – white, grey, black, and natural stone hues and in three finishes – polished, matte, and slate. In the future, the collection will expand to include a range of innovative aesthetics including wood, rust, concrete, and oxidized metal as well a variety of textures – rippled, leather, denim, and brushed.

DEKTON selections

Large format slabs measure 56” x 126” and come in three thicknesses: 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm. Manufactured at the new factory in Spain with an initial production capacity of 1500 slabs per day. It will retail for $58–$96 per square foot, depending on thickness and color.

BlogTour Vegas in the Cosentino Booth DEKTON @ KBIS

#BlogTourVegas || image and others via Chasen West for Modenus


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Cosentino is a family-owned, international company, headquartered Almeria, Spain. North American headquarters is in Houston,TX. There are twenty-two company-owned Cosentino Centers in the US. Houston (TX) and Norfolk (VA) is home to two distribution centers, and the company maintains 14 fabrication facilities.

Cosentino HQ Offices

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