Remodeling Show Deck Expo McCormick PlaceAs I wind down on my coverage on the 2011 Remodeling Show, it could not be complete without a little love for Hanley Wood. More specifically, Conference ManagerPaul Treanor.

Not two weeks after I launched our fundraising efforts, I found myself on a conference call with Paul and his team. We agreed early on that his direct involvement would nullify our efforts. This call did however demonstrate his unequivocal support for our endeavor. In fact, it was this type of backing (from Paul and others), which ended up being so valuable. Far more valuable than any type of direct monetary contribution. (Paul did ultimately “comp” our passes for the Show.)

Paul Treanor with Unidentified AttendeeWhat I found from “working” with Paul was that he simply has a head/an eye for flair (right down to his shoes). And I guess you’d have to know how to make a splash to be any sort of effective event organizer. While I was unable to implement most of the fundraising initiatives we spit-balled, a sponsored night on the town did in fact come to being. (Shout to Crestview Doors and Crown Point Cabinetry on this – Thanks.)

Paul Treanor's Fabulous ShoesA handful of the presenters and speakers I spoke with throughout the event had high marks and raves for Paul. Barry and I witnessed his “wild fits of calmness.” And I marveled at the thought of all that must go on to pull off a week of conference classes, coordinating with 250+ exhibitors. All while hosting thousands of show-floor guests (though Paul does not take credit for this).

Here at the end of four action-packed days, Barry and I caught up with Paul for a quick interview. And while Paul will likely be mortified by the scratchiness in his voice here, we felt instead that it shows just how hard this guy worked to pull off this portion of the Show.  (We enjoyed ourselves.)

Our Interview with Paul Treanor

In the interview, we discuss the Show, the highs, and what to look for in 2012 Remodeling Show. Yes, as it returns to Baltimore next year. Listen in below.


Enjoy and back with one last post from the 2011 Remodeling Show soon.

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