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Matching Interior Door Styles to a Home’s Decor


The exterior door of your home is your ally in making a nice first impression to your guests. Curb Appeal. It is your home’s personal introduction that can either make the visitor want to get to know it better, or prompt them to abandon all grand expectations just outside the entrance.

Interior doors, on the other hand, capture, or should capture, your home’s character. They can either further establish or indiscriminately ruin the first impression you have made. Therefore, choosing interior doors is just as crucial as finding the most inviting exterior door.

To help you determine the best interior door styles for your home’s specific interior style, here are some examples.

* Classic Interior

Classic design aptly fuses aesthetics and practicality. With this in mind, the best type of interior door is the no-nonsense hinged doors. Employed in various areas of the house such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Hinged doors can either swing outward or inward, and are typically made of a solid or hollow core. Depending, of course, on a homeowner’s required level of, well, demarcation. Solid doors insulate reliably for sound, hence noise is easily contained within specific rooms or areas of the house.

Hinged doors easily fit the classic interior theme since its mechanism’s ease allows many possibilities for old-world aesthetics, without eventually coming off as too flashy or tacky. Taking into account the surrounding classic décor, these doors are outfitted with the different classic elements like grilles, arches, glass patterns, and the likes.

* Modern Interior

Not to be confused with the contemporary design. Whereas the latter is more focused on design trends, modern interior is more inclined to minimalistic and clean usage of both aesthetic and functional design elements.

Sliding doors made of glass, vinyl, or even wood, fit the modern design temperament perfectly. These doors serve as functional house dividers/partitions, while keeping true to the modern design’s fluid vibe.

If sliding doors don’t cut it for you, pocket doors are another option. These doors use a sliding track for movement and discreetly tuck inside a wall. They are like the chameleons of the door species—almost invisible once opened, hence capturing modern design’s flowing and uncomplicated quality.

* Unique/Eclectic Interior

If your home interior doesn’t quite fall under a specific category such as classic or modern design, or if it has an infusion of various themes like the exact expression of the word eclectic, then, bypass and folding doors are an option for you. Both ooze with enough sense of oomph.

Bypass doors have a staggered panels mechanism which allows their panels to fold onto each other.  These are usually seen in bedrooms and closets. They create an illusion of space. Bypass doors with mirror finish are quite popular for their stylish appearance that easily matches eclectic room theme and patterns.

Folding doors, just like bypass doors, are great for compact areas. Folding doors made of wood are typically used for closets and as living room or kitchen dividers.

The Barn Door is raging widely especially in homes seeking to achieve a rustic or cottage feel. Often salvaged, repurposed or built, the barn door is a simple pocketless door. That is – they are surface-mounted and sliding. The barn door often employs custom specialty hardware, called ironically enough – barn door hardware.


Mix or Match Interior Door Styles

The door styles mentioned here, as well as the home design categories, are just some of the most common in the field of interior design and home improvement. Although the options cited are not exhaustive, they are enough to give every homeowner an idea on how to mix and match interior doors with their chosen home style.


Jove Arthur works for Door Emporium, an NJ-based interior/exterior custom wood door company. Check out their various knotty alder and mahogany doors.

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