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In a working environment that has rapidly become digital and 24/7, computers and the Internet made working from home a possibility. A business’ dependence on computers, high-speed Internet and accompanying technologies, such as web cameras, printers and scanners, makes the computer desk an essential feature in most home office spaces. However, most home-based businesses have limited office space making every square inch of it so precious. They too have a limited budget and getting the utmost functionality of furniture is of foremost importance.

The Computer Desk is now an Essential Piece of Home Furniture

Office people spend so many hours sitting in front of a computer. Computer desks come in various shapes, styles and sizes. Some are custom-built to withstand hours of computer usage without compromising functionality, productivity and ease. Most computer desks come with shelves for monitors, a pull-able keyboard tray, compartments for speakers and cable holes, and storage drawers for other equipment and supplies. While space, size and the comfort a desk brings are of main concern, material strength should also be a deciding factor.

When deciding on which of the available computer desk materials are best, your personal preference, as well as your needs and how you intend to use it, should also be a primary consideration. Remember that it is going to be you who’ll be sitting and spending so much time at it. The price, durability and aesthetics of a computer desk vary significantly by material. Materials used for the construction of computer desks include:

* Wood

For home offices that wish to achieve a warm, homey or even a classic feel, wood may be the most common choice of material. Common wood types, used for computer desks, are oak, mahogany and cherry wood. However, the durability of woods used for the construction of computer desk depends on whether they are particle boards or hardwoods. Affordable computer desks come in inexpensive particle board but tend to break down easily as it is not a very durable material. The more durable types are hardwoods which may be, on the other hand, far more expensive.

Computer Desk Materials :: metal desk

* Glass

Elegant and classy glass computer desks are for home offices that wish to project modernism. Office people who value aesthetics above all invest in glass computer desks. While most designs have metal frames for support, glass computer desks are less durable than other materials and tend to crack, or even worse collapse, unless they are well taken care of. Glass desks come in different colors like black, clear, tinted and frosted. There are also tempered glasses that break into squares instead of shards making it less dangerous if broken.  There is always tougher but safer materials like Perspex.

* Metal

Last but definitely not the least, metal computer desks such as steel or aluminum are other common choices for home offices. These types are more durable and sturdy than other computer desks. Metal desks may give a professional and modern appearance to home offices. However, not all metal desks are completely durable and heavy duty, some designs are made of light-weight metal whereas others have wooden parts.


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Glass desk – Credit: DSC06188 by Zeusandhera, on Flickr
Metal desk – Credit: home desk remix by jm3 on Flickr