I overcame what I felt was a big hurdle in my blogging journey. Yes, I did it this week; I finally filled out my LinkedIn profile. Ha!

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but truthfully I had been struggling with it for some time. Amazingly, I was somewhat suddenly promoted to a new role – the position of Digital Publisher. (There was an unpublicized opening here at Building Moxie.)

While I had mentioned it in the past, it’s the first time ever publicly, sociomedialy … hmmm, that I have come out fully and completely about my day job. (I’ve since built a portfolio site, homeimprovementcontent-jb.com – you’ll find some of posts I’ve archived there.

start trek action figure Building Moxie

No. Not a member of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Come on! And I still won’t post it here.


YouTube-logo-full_colorA lonnnng ways back I did a roundup of Facebook Pages that I, well, like. It’s interesting to see now how the folks on that list have fared some 2 ½ years later.

Today, and kinda as a follow up to that – I am going do a quick look at YouTube. And like my Facebook list, gonna admit – it’s a bit random, but still here we go.

Ten Super Home Improvement Channels on YouTube

A Concord Carpenter – a working carpenter, I like host Rob R.’s take on tools, as well as his sometimes unique projects. It was Rob, in fact, who spurred my recent interest in YouTube a few months back. I connected with him for lunch at JLC Live.

* Jeff Patterson – aka the Home Repair TutorJeff, who we interviewed on the site, is really coming into his own on YouTube. What I love most about Jeff, and his channel, is his ability to identify and connect on issues that many of us, and especially if we are new to homeownership, face. In a way, he is keeping my interest in YouTube, a medium … stoked.

* Build.com – simply a longtime powerhouse on YouTube. I love their easy to follow How Tos and Tips.

* FIX IT Home Improvement – aka the Hardware Helper. Truthfully, I just discovered this one while researching for this post, but it looks like it’s packed with promise and it sure is getting some great view numbers.

* CopTool – the informational arm of OhioPowerTool.com.  Like many popular tool sites, CopTool has a strong presence on YouTube. What I’d admire most I think about this channel – they not only chat up and review tools but they also often tie in and demo these tools on common project tasks.

* Debi’s Design Diary – a little bit of a departure from those that I’ve already listed. Debi, I think, had me at her welcome vid. In it, you learn that she was a candidate for HGTV‘s Design Star, took acting classes, has loads of charisma and is straight-up tons of fun.  Looking forward to following her just a bit more closely.

Laurie Laizure – aka Customized Walls. Somewhat of a new-comer to YouTube (from what I can tell), Laurie is known for her stewardship of the interior design community and her complete immersion into the Google Plus platform. As creator of the Interior Design Community and as co-host on frequent professional-oriented Hangouts, you’ll find many of them archived here.

* Steve Cash 83 – known in my house as the “talking cat guy.” What can I say other than – Sylvester taught my 7- and 9- year old how to cuss, laughing along the way, and I’m okay with it. Oh, and okay – it’s not really a home improvement channel, but hmmm … in a way – is it? Nah!

* MyFixItUpLife – the only repeat from my Facebook list. I thought for a moment about leaving Mark & Theresa off, until alas – I caught their most recent promo. Love it! And I think you will too >> The Handiest Man ….

Would This Article Also Help?  Building a Birdhouse from Scrap Cedar

* Oh and then there is me, the Moxiest Man (not really, but trying). I recently began work on an official BMoxie Channel and my hope is that it will replace my previous channel for certain things. (Yes, I have learned a thing or two so far.) In the hopper, well – look for videos on Repairing Plaster, Installing a Showerhead (w/ Brizo) and Drilling and Hanging things in Tile … maybe.

As of now I only have the welcome vid up.

Some star channels I missed? Have your own personal fav? Would love to hear about them in the comments. Thanks.


Fade … well, Kinda

I’ll mention quickly, and maybe you saw me shouting it on social medias, I had the honor of being quoted in two fantastic articles recently.

  • 2014 Trends to Watch: Ultimate Forecast for the Hardware Industry for National Hardware Show’s Industry Edge
  • How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Contractor for Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace.

A pleasure and thank you writers Brianna and Yvonne. I hope you take the time to read them.


2013 Parade of Toolbelts

Call for Photos … from You!

Maybe a little late, but I hoping to do a follow up to 1st Annual Parade of Tool Belts. Looking for photos of 1) you in a toolbelt (working optional), 2) your toolbelt or 3) your toolbelt alternative in return for a shout/credit/link/my gratitude.  I want to expand it a little over last year and make it a lighthearted spotlight on people who wear them (pro and/or amateur).

Please email/message your image and include belt (or belt alternative) make/model, your name/location/business name/trade (if applicable) and of course site/link.  Previously published photos are fine. You could always just leave a comment and we could take it from there.


Oh! The LinkedIn profile is here. Thanks for reading and here’s hoping your holiday is going great. ~jb