Really, I’ve had it on my editorial calendar every year – a Holiday Gift Guide. Ha!

I just got off the phone with Mama Moxie. It was about the 10th call I had gotten from her in the last week. She wanted to know what my girls (including Mrs. Moxie) wanted for Christmas. We (the Mrs. & I) had been talking about it at home, and I had listened, so I had a little bit of an idea.  … and I dictated the list to moms as she wrote it down.  After enough time, I then asked her, “How about you? I mean – your birthday, you know, is in December too.”


Mama Moxie composed herself and said, “Let me call you back.”

I didn’t have to wait long before she called back. We (me and the Mrs.) did already have one solid idea for her, but my mom proceeded to give me four more. All items less than say $30, and I jotted them down faithfully in my little black book. When finished, and as I was working my way to a good-bye, my mom finished with … “J. How ‘bout you, Hon?”

“ahhhh – ummmm.”


Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

And I don’t know about you, but at least, for me – that’s how it goes. Ha!

… I almost always end up scratching my head when it comes to what to ask for, from Santa, for Christmas. Fortunately for me, I track a couple of pretty decent sites that produce some pretty decent Holiday Gift Guides, and these in turn have given me some decent ideas. Paying it forward, I’m gonna share a roundup of 2013 Holiday Gift Guides, most delivered right to my Inbox.

Ironic because Holiday Gift Guides too are Round Ups

… still plenty of time to get something sweet for that special someone on your list, so hope it helps. And here we go:

via HomeFixated.com

* Home Fixated

Nice ‘n’ Naughty Holiday Gift Guide. Just look at this pic … classic! Pretty tool-focused, editor Marc Lyman links out to several other tool wielding sites including A Concord Carpenter and ProToolReviews.com, among others.

My pick of course would be the MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer at around $2200. Yes! But seriously, Marc does a great job starting with “oooo baby” “Dream Gifts” and working his way down into more realistic, “how much do I really care?” levels (kidding). He calls out several picks in the area of $100-$300, but gives a whopping 13 picks in the under $100 range.  If you were wondering, yep – those Blaklader X1600s look great – 33×31, thanks. All around – a great list.

* Tool Box Buzz

Editor Todd Fratzel‘s Gifts for the Handy Person In Your Life has been a go-to in recent years and offers some excellent mid-rangish gift ideas. Unfortunately his list hasn’t made it to his site just yet, so you’ll have to keep an eye out – http://www.toolboxbuzz.com … or subscribe via email and maybe get it that way.

via HomeWork

* Homework

For those that like a bit more of a handmade, earthy, crafty vibe, check out Carolyn Sasaki GarrisEtsy-centric guide (and yes, a little more oriented (giving and getting) towards the ladies, and the homemakers in the group). Home, Fiber, Jewelry, Vintage, For Him, Holidays, Paper & Art and Kids … six to twelve picks in each of these eight categories.

Her blog Homework and if you were motivated to send that special favorite blogger something, idk, this reclaimed skateboard belt is pretty handsome. Just saying.

* Fynes Designs

Virginia Fynes gathered 50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafty Women. There is a $200 cash giveaway attached to her guide (which is always helpful this time of year). In it, she collects picks from 10 crafty ladies.  As far as a personal pick, well – since I’m not really “Crafty” (in that way) nor a Woman, maybe I’ll just leave it up to you.

Would This Article Also Help?  Baltimore DIY Guide on Charles & Hudson

via Fynes Designs

Jessica Cramer at Designer’s Sweet Spot

She has you covered with 31 Days of Christmas – Wrapped in Glass … Jars.  More of a series than a guide, but I figured it was a neat theme worth mentioning.

* Handy Magazine

Through their media group, they have an entire site dedicated to Gifts for Enthusiasts. From Cooking to Hunting, from Gardening to Home … personally, I can’t seem to get passed Stanley‘s Utility Mat. Thanks.

* HandyGuys Podcast

Friends @ HandyGuys Podcast keep it simple. One phrase – Duluth Trading Company. Have a look at their YouTube Channel for, well, a fun look >> here.


That’s it – Hope it helps … make this shopping season just a little brighter. For additional ideas, maybe Paul Hamtil‘s Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas (from a few years back) or my own Ten Essential Tools for Homeowners. Cheers! ~jb