Day 4’s pic is courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Amy Good, aka @SplintergirlAnd note: No framers were harmed in the taking of this photo.  Enjoy. ~jb

Almost Loosing a Hot Tub Over a Cliff


AKA:  Could You Do Me a Quick Favor? And Ummm… or . . . What Exactly Do Timber Framing Crews Do in Their Downtime?

Location:  Taos, NM

In This Photo:

The Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. crew doing a “favor” for the hotel where they were staying.  For them, moving a hot tub down some steps — no big deal . . . simple, right?

Additional Information:

Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. was raising a frame in the mountains of Taos, NM. Everyone in town thought we were rather odd in that we were hiking material up a 8,000 foot elevation and attempting to get in and get out in two weeks . . . especially that late in the year. There were plenty of challenges — site roads were too narrow for a tractor trailer, material had to be offloaded at the bottom of the mountain and hauled up by smaller truck, the elevation was such that breathing was definitely more difficult, and . . . .

While in Taos, the management of the hotel the crew was staying at asked the “boys” if they could do them a favor and help take a hot tub downstairs off the deck. As you can see, these were not your standard steps and this was one large hot tub.  But, never fail, the crew was up for the challenge and started taking it (I say this loosely) down the stairs the best way they knew how (notice the strapping and such).  And yes, the edge of a cliff was right there.  I believe at least one of the guys almost fell off it, saved only by a last minute arm grab.  But the boys did make it through safe and sound . . . strangely though, I never heard exactly what happened with that hot tub. ;-)

Final Notes:

And so, how did we do on time? We were, in fact, finished in a week and had it fully enclosed by the end of the next week.  The townsfolk looked at these East Coasters just a bit differently from that point forward.

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