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Nashua Foil Tape as Modeled By My Six Year Old Daughter


AKA: Well, Evyn, If You Can’t Duct It . . . Ummm . . . Well . . . Forget About It or . . . It’s Always Good To Work with the Best Products, But It’s Even Better to Have This Extra Set of Hands

Location: Laundry Room (Baltimore, MD – Lauraville)

In This Photo:

Then 6-year-old Evyn Bartkowiak standing in our nearly completed laundry room.  (I wrote about my daughters, here.) This was our current house’s original kitchen. She is holding a roll of 3″ Nashua foil tape.  Her shirt, while turned away, reads: “Daddy’s (Little) Rock Star”.  For additional information on this project >> Laundry Room Powder Room Office Remodel.

Additional Information:

I can think of few building products that totally dominate a niche like Nashua Foil TapeSimpson Strong Tie, Magna Latch, ZipWall . . . perhaps, and I am sure there are others.  But when it comes to sealing dryer duct and/or other rigid duct seams, not much rivals this tape or its type.  And I would certainly never think to use what we commonly know as “Duct Tape.”

This photo was taken almost two years ago exactly, and came out of the set for this post >> Side Venting a Dryer.

Evyn has been known to hang for brief clips when I am doing work around the house.  But truth — she is usually only good for max about 15 minutes.  In the end, it is usually a nice little distraction.  My hope is she learns a little something . . . if nothing else — a little something about her dad.  Here, I asked her to hand me the “foil tape” sitting on the counter next to her.  She was happy to oblige.

Additional Links:

About Duct Tape and yes, worth an article in itself & A little on installing that sink, faucet and counter behind her > Installing a Self Rimming Sink in a PostForm Laminate CounterTop.

Plenty of Options to Choose from for your sealing needs … Nashua Foil Tape on AmazonNashua Foil Tape.


Thanks and comments welcome.  This post today, well, because . . . Evyn is eight.  Happy Birthday Big E. ~jb