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Unconventional Uses for Crown Molding :: Crown Molding Ideas Tricks & Tips


Crown molding can be utilized for more than its traditional purpose. Molding is a great “go-to” product for many home improvement enthusiasts. It is adaptable and inexpensive especially when compared to other home improvement products. Crown molding can be used to create many different looks. Because it is so versatile, anyone can find a unique use for crown molding that fits their decorating style.

The more creative the better when it comes to crown molding ideas. It can be used to make shoe racks, frames and shelves … just to name a few. A headboard can even be created using this multifaceted product. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t try this at home.

Create a Frame

Creating a frame using crown molding can turn a plain TV into a masterpiece. The TV must be hanging on the wall for this look to be created. To give this idea fruition, simply measure the distance from your TV to the wall. This measurement is also known as the projection. Then, order crown molding that will fit accordingly. Other ideas for items that can be framed include mirrors, pictures, for example – posters or canvas art, awards, bulletin boards and certificates.

Create a Shoe Rack

Another unconventional use of crown molding is using it to create a shoe rack. After this project has been completed, shoes will no longer litter closet floors. Closet space is always at a premium, and using this idea will free up closet floor space and create a very unique look. This idea is also applicable for storing purses and hats.

Create Shelving

Using crown molding to create decorative shelving is by far our favorite utilization of crown molding. Many looks can be created thanks to the abundance of styles in which crown molding is available. Display trophies or pictures in style by placing them on the flat edge of crown molding made into shelves. Try placing different crown molding styles in close proximity to each other to create a contrasting look that is sure to be eye-catching. Other uses of crown molding shelves could include bathroom, closet or laundry shelving.

To start your home’s transformation using crown molding, simply pick out your favorite molding. Look through the different styles that crown molding comes in, and then let your imagination run wild.

Happy crafting!


Editor’s Note: Ben Ward writes for Worthington Millwork. They have been around since 1985. To help ensure that you can select just the right items for your building project, Worthington Millwork provides an incomparable selections of moldings to complement many traditional design styles.

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All images via Worthington Millwork.

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